Youtube Help!!

There’s no doubt that i just require better software. Ive certainly not made a online video media before and i tried it away today and my personal video looks horrible. I made a vide for just a site im taking care of at

B. B-Dot Platinum World wide web Technologies

Your video: YouTube – Web design schools Facebook Like Button

Each of the transitions are messed in place and i cant get any sound… WTF

what type of media did you upload i’ve only ever employed mp4 and have no trouble. if it gets to be to a lot, you could often embed it being an mp4. all surfers recognize it.

Your output format is actually. flv. I tried other formats but youtube will not accept. I will try this format. Do you know of good converting software in this.

yeah but i use ubuntu-studio/linux

Try Handbrake – that can encode into mp4.

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