2 Questions….OnSite Video and SEO…


It’s normally acknowledged of which onsite video is wonderful for SEO.But…

1) Do you find it better SEO-wise to obtain the training video stored in & accessed from a own particular (and make use of an onsite player), or do you find it better that will just exhibit it which has a remote-link signal provided coming from YouTube, Viddler, MetaCafe, etc

2) May Google present SEO prejudice toward Youtube videos, rather than videos via other movie sharing sites

Thanks for any help!

I shouldn’t have any public data that will back myself up but I feel that it can be more optimized to possess your video stored by using YouTube or perhaps other sites and also to just check out there.

Hope others provides further insights to that matter =)

i suggest to host your video on youtube and also other top video sites.there are various reasons at the rear of that.most significant ones becoming the extra traffic kind video web sites and inbound links.

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