2010 Goal – 10 Websites

Searching ahead to 2010, I am setting a mission for myself… do 10 Websites from the end of 2010 AND BEYOND. I’ve taken lessons, read books and built my very own little site. I’m not worrying within the details at this moment. I just prefer to set the program.
What can you think of this goal Is it too ambitious Not ambitious enough Ever give yourself this kind of goal

Thanks to your feedback

Excellent goal. I did regarding 10 websites this holiday season. I could did more, but good business is slowly.

10 websites is a decent goal, subject to expertise level and also the complexity of the particular websites. I’ve designed simple websites (e. he. www. smartparkers. com) in just a few hours, but some of my more elaborate projects (e. he. www. oculi. com) happen to be ongoing for 2+ a long time.

If you have good, interesting ideas for websites do it now! I have the relevant skills but I still for your life of me can’t come up with ideas of my own , personal!

Its quite hard to grow and keep modified 10 sites continuously. But I want you luck and hope you’ll do some wonderful sites.


If you develop and construct these 10 sites, give the website owners (your clients) as
much content management as possible. If your clients can log into a special admin
page and add/edit/delete their particular content, you won’t have got to maintain their web site.

Its not necessary to use Joomla, Drupal or WordPress (although they are good things),
but a simple PHP online editor which has a simple, single log-in to the site owner.
Basic PHP screenplays for editing text message files that come to be the content to the pages.

The clients can furthermore manage some shots too, and they might have control
over where the photos appear, etc.

Relating to some sites I have done 2 prohibited where the consumers are changing everything
alone… I don’t should spend any period on it with regard to the changes needed
are above and outside of the basic subject matter.

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