301 redirects and the big G…

301 redirects as well as big GARY THE GADGET GUY…

i sense pretty beyond my ingredient here seeing that i’m sorts of new to this – but i’ve a question for some of a person more practiced internet advantages.

let’s claim i purchases the space:widgetsusa.com with regard to use as being the primary site name to get a new enterprise venture.

let’s furthermore assume that we purchase:

and a considerable number of more…

would it be likely to forward these types of domain bands (i assume it’s named a 301 redirect) to my main site at widgetsusa.com with no negative repurcussions via Google

the explanation i request is b/c i’ve heard of Goog " blacklisting" websites in this practice — and i’m undecided no matter whether that is something which is real and also not…and if it really is – possibly there is a workaround with regard to this

i use a project which i am currently working away at in which we purchased a handful of keyword domains inside hopes involving gaining a number of free targeted traffic.i would likely assume of which b/c Goog lives for making money to get it’s shareholders – that they WANT everyone to have to invest in clicks via their Adwords program…it will seem this it’s for their best awareness to push people to make use of Adwords.

thoughts in this

thanks for almost any help you can provide a new noob.

Initially Posted by way of bigdipper would likely it possibly be possible to help forward these types of domain titles (i consider it’s known as a 301 redirect) to help my major site in widgetsusa.com without the negative repurcussions by Google Most effective for you a wise decision.If you want the correct code that you should put towards.htaccess then allow me to know.


I assume yes.As Chip said do them by means of Htaccess or around the server area.

I was only wondering because I’m not confident but if you have x costs of domain names pointing to 1 site along with the G leveling bot visits and also indexes your internet site wouldn’t which cause copy content within the index

albertsroofing went up to a pr3 and yes it has regarding 7 301’s.Very same for domainsaleszone.
Shouldn’t be an aspect, though POST wonder from time to time.Some in the 301’s will be masked, quite a few aren’t.
Don’t realize anything when using the htacess however.What’s this diff

I genuinely believe the particular 301’s are only for type-in visitors anyway.Possibly not indexed within google, expected.

Actually Posted by netzilla I am only requesting because I’m not positive but if you have x quantities of names pointing to one site and the G leveling bot visits along with indexes your internet site wouldn’t this cause duplicate content inside index googlebot will not index the particular forwarding area because this can be a user-agent.very little duplicate content issues.

Nice route to put it shockie.Wish Thought about said of which!

You may get a PR lift by this but I believe it’ll harm your SERP rankings overall.That wouldn’t seem " natural" to Googlebot your site may get penalized for it.If PR is definitely all you love then just try the item.If you love rankings in that case don’t undertake it.

Higher PR doesn’t necessarily indicate better field.

Not a great idea, your ideal bet can be host these domains in separate ips in addition to create a number of decent content on them and link directly into your major site.

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