7 Billion People

Possesses anyone had any dealings with all the company " 7Billion People" www. 7bpeople. com – now there claim is – they’ll with some really clever javascript and also behavioral science, custom design your whole site (on that fly no less) to your visitors tastes : thereby increasing conversion rates on your own site, and boost sales.

Has anyone observed anything good or bad about it company

That’s like ironic…

It took me over 60 seconds to uncover what they carry out, and I have to
just click " more… " to do that. Then, there’s a tiny " contact us" link for the top
and bottom belonging to the page… almost too small to find out.

I don’t know easily could ever learn how to contact them devoid of either
observing that, or scrolling towards the bottom of some sort of 2000 pixel high page.

They certainly didn’t design their site for " our taste".

Additionally… on the principal page… the videos belonging to the " checkout process".
What’s that all about I can watch all of that determine what
this company does

I like think the WEBSITE (fake company) could possibly be a joke (or satire).
You might even check into of which possibility.

It’s actually not a fake business – and since they have got approached my company to provide this service, we’re being forced to take a closer turn to see if it really is worth while (we’re performing a test now). That you’re right, the site is a little vague, and there are no testimonials at all. I have read online they’re just a fairly fresh company (started Feb 06) and possess about 20 clients at the time of 02/09 – but they don’t disclose who individuals clients are.

I’m currently in the process of adding my very own javascript to help up detect 2 visitor is taking a look at our site implementing their program, after which it create a record for many people to compare towards any reports 7bPeople. com make..

I think his or her services are valuable if anyone else is doing international small business or covering a new broad market.

Then again, if you have a specific target sector, you’re better off focusing your efforts and money at best optimizing your marketing message for your audience.

Even super large stores, similar to Amazon. com, you should not " tailor" your look& feel or message to their consumers. What they accomplish is allow consumers to customize the experience with icons and help them cross-sell through using powerful tools including product suggestions, wishlists, and so forth.

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