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hi i used to be wondering if any one could tell me where to find a script that’s free if feasible. that would please let me post a image link. And allows me align how many each row and the number of per page. then when which number is hit puts them in page 2 and 3 etc .. i dont need much features like coments or anything. i really want it to be like that one on this page www. nekkidtees. com

Do you have any PHP experience
You can make a script your self.

Below is definitely example… (I didn’t actually test it).

Create a plain text report, call it " catalog. txt" and fill it with one line for each photo.
And also the three fields divided by pipes

http: //www. site1. commyphoto1. jpgcaption
http: //www. site2. netmyphoto342. jpgcaption
http: //www. site3. netmyphoto46342. jpgcaption
http: //www. site4. netmyphoto345742. jpgcaption

for example.

Right now, you have a new PHP script in which opens that archive and displays a person’s images.
Like this… call it " hyperlinks. php"…


< php

//  open  the  report,   put  into  an  range.
$file  file("catalog. txt");

//  how  many  across

//  how  many  per  page

//  which  one  to  start  from.
$start=1;   //default  to  the  first  photo  if  not  specified

//  check  the  limits  for  previous
if($prev< 1)

//  check  the  limits  for  next
if($next  >   count($file))

//  start  the  display
echo"< div> ";

//loop  through  your  file  and  display  them.
//use  the  correct  path  to  your  photos
//  (in  my  case in point,   your  pix  are  all  stored  in  'photos/'

for($i=($start-1); $i< =($next-1); $i++)
$field=explode('', $file$i);

      //display  photo
      < a  href='
$field0'> < img  src='photos/$field1'  alt='$field2'  title='$field2'  style='padding: 5px;   drift: left; '  /> < /a>
//  do  a  line  feed  when  the  number  across  is  attained.
"< div  style='clear: each; '> < /div> \n";

//  display  prev  or  next  page ...
echo"< div  style='clear: each; '> < /div> \n";
"< a  href='links. phps=$prev'> Previous< /a>   & nbsp; & nbsp;   < a  href='links. phps=$next'> Next< /a> \n";

echo  "< /div> ";

That’s any stand-alone script… that will put this script into your main page, you incorporate the use of PHP include,
in addition to move the " prev" " next" thing towards main page, or maybe use an < iframe>….
Or position the whole script into your main page… so many methods to do it.
I certainly have no tool for knowing anything concerning your existing internet site.

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