A rethink?? Very confused. :(

Hi people.

Ive been posting about an affiliate site I’m making for just a course project – design your personal media/design company in addition to brand it way up, and make this website. It is really a webdesign course.. so all must be accurately done.

I am half way thru a jquery based 1 page internet site that – at my desktop, is really lovely to consider and took us a hell of a lot of time. There are still bugs in the container which need completing and ironing nevertheless nothing drastically wrong or too hard to overcome.

However, the running speed of it is very low, and its not brilliant for engines like google.

I know now that this design is not optimum for what i’d like to use the item for.. but it took me way too long and i just think its v nice if its operating properly. could i allow it to be better

Would removing some content from it make it operate quicker know lots of script is with there but thats desired.. i suppose this can include tidied if i tried hard : im new — would it change lives Is there other things that might help to make the loading in addition to ‘performance’ speed regarding it better

And does any one have any suggestions about SEO’ing it

theres a different option.. drop this once and for all and save myself the pain simply by telling myself ill do it as a scaled-down portfolio site (less pages as well as a few less behaviours, would that speed it up), and choose a more basic numerous page html site due to this one.. with some javascript tweaks.. *sigh*..

Thanks with the great help in advance as always


Oh- avoid yeah, the internet site URL! http: //www. ameliealden. com/stf/rework

Here’s my getting loans this…

Indeed, it’s cool began seeing things scroll, improve, slide, etc.
When it’s working properly, yes, it’s fun to experiment with with.

But here’s authentic…

You’ve got a business.
Your goal is to make money through selling your services. period.

You need to get the site visitor for a site (in the 1st place),
and then they have to know what your small business is about, and
what you are able to offer them inside 5 seconds or less. Yes, 5 VARIOUS seconds!

Your website won’t even place that fast, hence you’ve already unsuccessful there.

I sat and waited correctly to load mainly because I already understand your previous post.
Anyone else that is looking for website development or services like yours would
curently have clicked their backside button and done another website.

Together with IE8, I had several script failures that is going to not let me get back to
the particular begining… so I already can’t explain what the site is approximately.

For your javascript demonstration, people did well…
But for your business, you missed the entire point of developing a website.

The following is the point…
Get people to realize for the phone and call anyone, or reach thus to their
wallets and enter a credit card number.

My own advice….
Put brussels one the back burner to get a " rock piece fan website", and also start
over with the standard Four to five page site… together with some jquery tweaks.

thanks completely for the great advice – i believe this has confirmed my decision, your website will be the design portfolio rather. thanks very much for the help


You need to see what I’ve done for you. Anyway, SEO is just making your website on the top search engine results. That is the chief goal of search engine optimization. Along the process is very time consuming link building.

Yes, other than that which is Listed, ie moment, and script problems, It’s not really that bad.
But to load up slightly faster, you might want to try a diverse Template. There’s A lot of them Out there. Then start top Page or the particular so called Web site as just nothing in excess of an Intro. What one does, How you Do it, Dedicated to Serving People, and many that Good Equipment.

Sorry im uncertain what you suggest.. what did one does for me

the particular graphics are good, the design idea good. the structure sucks. Based on you question, the visuals are ok, could do with several additional compression, but once i opened the source for the page the page went on and on as well as on.. loading maybe half the site in one internet page is not recommended. I can not imagine two good reasons to design a long one particular page site, (long hard core sales landing pages is one particular good reason)

the main design issues, very cramped. no white space and no visual direction towards the central issues.

architecturally, it reads being a book not a web the beauty from the web is the power to quickly drill down (not scroll through) to it is important to you (get rid of scrolling, I was required to scroll to the bottom of my browser on the other hand within your site to continue reading. ps. uncertain what that container on bottom correct was " you will see it whenever a person like" it never have load while I became looking at it) Program tip windows should be that, they aren’t good replacements with regard to links. There is really a pretty strict limit on the amount of information they may convey effectively. (when they do not fully display while in the view port, these are really annoying. several of your’s did not in fully present my browser config)

Damaged into focused 3 HUNDRED to 700 term pages with wise interlinking, and you have a real wonderful site. pages that end from a seemingly arbitrary location and require scrolling in order to complete will not minimize it.
Unless you are designing for just a technical audience or a top end product buyer in the final purchase point, you want to design in short chunks of information. To steal from your newspaper bz it’s why, what plus how. This will also improve the search engine results. each page may have a specific target and interdependent keyword and key phrase phases to rate the website on.

save the javascripts with the WOW factors, hip menus, gallery/portolio showcase, and functional processes which have been tailored to the net, like tool suggestions for help explain layout jargon like bad space.

bottomline.. drop the scroll along within one page on the site, and never return to it. ( not really for a youngster band fan site.. lol ). If there is a need to get a one long site, let the audience use their web browser scroll bar like these are used to. Pay more attention in your information flow, white space along with typography and i would buy the internet site from you.. lol.

pss.. I don’t realize the 5 sec rule but.. it’s not necessarily like they went 20 minutes in the future to your office for any sales pitch.

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