Adding a search engine to a website.

Particularly, in the years I’ve been designing and developing websites, I’ve only been asked to increase a search engine one or two times.

One more time I managed it, I made use of Googles freebee. (a few years ago)
That doesn’t are most often available any much more. The client is really a non-profit, so I’ll check with Google to examine if they still produce their free site search intended for that type regarding organization.

Inside mean time, I’ve started exploring for another remedy and just thought about if anyone in existence had any suggestions, or experience with a simple to install, comprehensive search results. Free would often be best, (again, this can be a non-profit) but whenever it’s cheap and works, any idea could be welcome.

With thanks.

I just now found this: http: //www. yahoo and google. com/coop/cse/
This might solve my problems, but again, always looking for solutions so, if anyone incorporates a better alternative, I’d still thankyou. Thanks.

https: //www. yahoo and google. com/adsense/adsense-products

Subscribe to an adsense account

then look at

" Adsense to get search"

http: //www. myspace. com/watchv=qEwxC9hrxM4

And also this gives them the flexibility to earn ad revenue when people click ads shown with the search.

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