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We have recently made your html site using Dreamweaver. It’s about something some friends in addition to I are doing. Problem is that we am constantly adding news to this. Right now I merely delete old news and move it to your full page rich in news. Then I generate new news to the front page. This can be too much function.

How do i use a database to achieve this for me. I use godaddy for hosting and they also provide me along with mysql. How am i allowed to make it that easily write something new in the database, it shows up on the front page with the site. Than older news starts gonna an archive. This way MY SPOUSE AND I don’t manually do the entire thing. Also how am i allowed to make the organize starting making brand-new pages as you will find too many media articles on 1 page

Thank you. Let me know if you want more info pertaining to my site.

Automatically creating pages is named pagination.

You might want to look in to making the revise area a web site.

Yes but how exactly do i go about undertaking that. Is there methods to do that using dreamweaver which includes a database or do I need to do something else

Godaddy is known for a way of producing blogs for site and it should be free with all your hosting or you can install a blogger blog into one among your directorys and check out it for information and updates. If you dont know how to write in php and also use mysql your going to need to have some class’s and also a tutoral at it. The easyest route to do it might be to install some sort of CMS like Joomla or drupal. If you go to your web hosting control panel in godaddy you possibly can install these along with other really easy. You can install them in addition to just make these folks your whole site or proper directory and connection to them. You is capable of doing a lot which includes a CMS with away know code. Expect this helps!

Used to do install wordpress as well as I’m excited to hear I can link it. Could you convey to me what I might need to know to link blog posts I make inside my wordpress directory in making them appear in my news and also homepage site(without having to make a fresh site using wordpress as a template).

Also would people rather just recomment CMS as an alternative to wordpress I’m willing to do what must be done to learn sometimes so I’d do what you think is best. All I have to do is figure out how to link entries in my wordpress(or other things you say WHEN I should use) to help my homepage as well as news page.

This sort of thing isn’t not that hard. (Unless you have no doubt about it, of training course. )

Unless you’re doing this on a enormous scale, it’s most likely not worth doing now.

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