Alexa Questions

Alexa Questions


I traveled to Alexa to check on many info about my web-site and I have 2 requests I’m hoping you guys can assist with.

1.I edited my listing info and seemed to be wondering if i should endure all my personal sites as well as add this info.The way important can be this

2.Alexa showed only 1 site that was linking straight into mine but I know there tend to be 5.Is this typical regarding Alexa or will there be something Im missing.

Thanks every person.It’s considerably appreciated.

Actually WHEN I didn’t knew that marilyn and i can alter our web-sites in Alexa I just visited my personal sites now there and spotted this option at the moment.

Anyway, I may still not really edit any of our sites as I believe it might most likely make no change.

Most of the times, Alexa data is very much inaccurate and this may not be something to fret as alexa just aim to keep document of the sites along with has nothing related to SERPs.I do think you should deal with the things which might be important to your account instead associated with wasting your energy on repairing things associated with your website on alexa.

It would not hurt for you to edit it, but can it change lives in position, etc, WHEN I doubt this.

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