Animated GIF problem

Howdy everyone,

To begin with.. I know disgrace on me for using a really relic as a great animated GIF although I’m quite new to anything moving over the internet so I had to create a quick solution for any request from your boss.

The website which includes said GIF is usually: www. fruitbliss. com

It seems for you to generally look ok in browsers in addition to on the ipad/mobile devices. However, I noticed that when i open it with Safari, it looks different all the time It begins of showing a dirty pixellated piste that changes each time I open it inside the browser… but possibly not in Firefox as well as IE.

in the event you open the true GIF at online world. fruitbliss. com/images/Bee1. gif you might see what I’m dealing with.

If for some reason it looks correct on your screen, then listed here is a screen shot in the problem.

Why does it make it happen!

Thank you!

POST don’t see any trail but your yellow border, which has to do with the anti-alias together with transparent backgounds. POST forgot how which worked but appearance it up, maybe you can make it look a little bit better by switching it off as well as on (in Photoshop).

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