Another Slider Problem?

You should tell me how you can fix my slider
Bless you!
http: //shovenose. com/

Except I’m missing it, I don’t notice the Nivo Slider CSS report called anywhere.

It’s however CSS file, I copied in addition to pasted the contents because Needed to consolidate these people. Is that a problem

I’ve got that old one still in case you need the item…
http: //shovenose. com/oldnivocssthatisntusedanywhere. css

It depends upon where you put it however CSS – in the event you put it from the wrong place it may be getting written around by something which is being read later inside the file.

But I believe your problem may be that you have got your $(window). load(function() for example.. in the body in the page below the slider, instead of within the < head> in the page.

As well as what is this little bit of code <! CDATA

I’m undecided what the CDATA actually means but the settings inside the particular CDATA tag ascertain the slider controls.
Maving the windows load stuff in to the head makes simply no difference, but I’ve accomplished that now just in case

I put the CSS at the end of the CSS document…

Yay I obtained it working!
turns out when I replicated and pasted this particular portion of code in the installation tutorial:

< script src=" jquery. nivo. slider. pack. js" type=" text/javascript" > < /script> 

I forgot to change it to that:

< script src=" http: //shovenose. com/jquery. nivo. slider. pack. js" type=" text/javascript" > < /script> 

Because the files for any WordPress theme aren’t within the root of the website, but the nivo information are!
The first time POST actually got a slider to operate right…
Good, almost right! Another, prev, buttons still will not work 100% of that time period, but at lowest it works
In addition to yes, I moved the CSS back to its own track…

Thanks for any help.

Once I have all of it working I thought to make a wonderful custom WordPress style.
This is what I’ve got so far (online tutorial + trial& error)
http: //shovenose. com/
Lol! And there’s more, the slider can be broken again, in addition to it’s different dilemma, and I are unable to figure it out…

And now I get PHP glitches…
http: //shovenose. com/wp-login. php
I get them when i submit them throughout Theme Editor as well, and all in the other pages…
But a refresh helps it be work again
all works, the glitches are just troublesome. What did Used to do wrong on the theme to create that happen

It appears to work very good in Chrome

Up coming, Prev buttons certainly not working properly.

Worked fine for me

For me personally, there are simply links. You’re becoming buttons

Oh yea, no buttons, only links, but many people work.

But I want buttons!

Be sure to have the path with the images for the particular buttons right. And take into account that since you’re making use of WP, it’ll end up being the full route. IIRC, the images are classified as from the JS, so you should have to edit the road in there.

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