Anyone have a WordPress Image Plugin recommendation?

I’m aiming to add a group of images by the end of a article. In my precise case, the post will probably be about a house and by the end of the I want to display any gallery of images or a slideshow or perhaps some way for any reader to study 30 images and also so. And I want to be able to do this pertaining to multiple posts when each week you will have a new residence featured.

I’m wading through the plug-ins now however it is hard for you to decipher which would certainly work best. And so, if anyone provides any recommendations or experiences to share, I’m all radio stations.

i think you’ll must upload your images on the image upload button or such as that.. then… subsequently after uploading this pics…. you must click on the particular button… then.. your gallery has already been there… part of the post….

For your record, I settled about nextGen gallery and also having had time that can be played with it a bit, I really want it. It is strong but also simple to operate.

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