Anyone know a good DIY website service/template/UI site?


I’m asking just out of curiousity.

Now i’m comfortable with coding within notepad and implementing FTP. In reality, that’s the simply way I learn how to do things. Advantages Maybe not.

At the moment I am using the services of a client’s site, which is template she bought from i3dthemes. com. Nicely, after taking a review of the themes they have and the manipulate panel, I realized which the site really sucks. These are either not profitable and / or undermanned and the particular style and information are poo poo. It’s amazing how a smart people exactly who made the website couldn’t often incorporate any perception of intuitiveness or ease to recognise. If in the long run I need that will recommend sites to acquire templates from, i3dthemes. com can be at the really bottom.

Function, do any of you realize any good types Yknow, website makers for laymen I would prefer something to rec to people if they desire to go the theme+dreamweaver way. I actually have no idea of anything about this field on the website industry.


Okay, a little replace:

I played around extra with this i3dthemes PHP plugins plus the UI is basically really decent. However their actual website is poop, the UI thus to their shopping cart will be incredibly intuitive. Took me 30 seconds to produce add an item for before. Moreover, there would absolutely be ugh that I could make a cart and also making a UI.


Test Webstarts

mostertemplate i do think have some excellent ones, not 100% for the name but i am sorry.

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