Anyone know where I can find big rotating banners

Everyone know where Allow me to find big turning banners like noticed here –> https: //squareup. com/

There’re doing that most of with javascripting.
MY PARTNER AND I does look truly nice, but their business is about User Interfaces.

You can watch the HTML with their site along with see the javascripting at the end of the key page.
I’m guessing most of the scripting is made by them.

sure I saw all that… I simply want something equivalent… I see many javacript/jquery sliders however , not like this where it takes up all the actual screen

Fairly awesome. I like exactly who are doing having JS (and CSS3) these days. Have you noticed the newSmart Internet site < — 100 % AWESOME!!

If you can’t mind shelling out a bit of cash, look with this.

That is not it, Alpha. That looks like nivo

online world. noupe. com/ u can find them here

you possibly can go into jquery script, css where u can boost the width. then by making use of position u can use it.

in the event that width of system is 980px. hold slider width: 100% as well as so. n retain that div outdoor 980px div and also use position: most critical and position: relative for divs one particular ehich is slider one second that’s wrapper

Well, in the tryout it states that this is the full width slider.
http: //progressionstudios. com/themes/theme=Adora-WordPress

Ok, but the slider your lover linked us in order to has floating elements in buying it. Each slide features multiple pieces — background, foreground photographs, text, and sometimes form elements. Is not only a static banner. Note how every element slides in and away from place on cross over.

Oh, MY PARTNER AND I see. I didn’t realize that she wanted functionality beyond all of the width layout.

You will find one I remember named Zuper of which does the textual content overlays, has about a bazillion configurable elements (timer, transitions, wait, etc. ) which enable it to be configured to any size (including complete page, or just full width plus a smaller height) having CSS.


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