Apache again

goes anyone learn how like make multiple address’s with Apache just like: home. localhost will load from you folder while community forum. localhost will head over to another.

any help appreciated.

absolutely no… u may should register w/ a DNS before you could do something similar to that… PM beacon, he has the apache expert

They’re named subdomains BTW

yeh, i understand, sorry i didnt name then that throughout here

hmm, i thought i might need a DNS, nevermind then, i’m only a developer from your home, i’m not positioning my page on the web yet.

From the apache records it seems that can be done this:

NameVirtualHost *

< VirtualHost *>
ServerName urlwww. website. tld/url
DocumentRoot /www/domain
< /VirtualHost>

< VirtualHost *>
ServerName urlwww. otherdomain. tld/url
DocumentRoot /www/otherdomain
< /VirtualHost> 

Go to http: //httpd. apache. org/docs/vhosts/name-based. html for any full info.

Yep you can as martin said but on the. conf file:

# VirtualHost: Allows the daemon to react to requests for several
# server deal with, if your node machine is configured to simply accept IP packets
# with regard to multiple addresses. This can be accomplished with the actual ifconfig
# alias banner, or through kernel pads like VIF.

#< VirtualHost web host. some_domain. com>
#ServerAdmin emailwebmasterhost. some/email_domain. com
#DocumentRoot /www/docs/host. some_domain. com
#ServerName web host. some_domain. com
#ErrorLog logs/host. some_domain. com-error_log
#TransferLog logs/host. some_domain. com-access_log
#< /VirtualHost>

Change it to suit your needs!

and you can find beaker the apache pro at his finest

yeh, just what i thought. thanx ppl.

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