Are online forums obsolete?

Are online bulletin boards destined to look the way of ichat I’m sure large forums similar to WebhostingTalk. com would not be replaced simply by blogs. However, in many cases, the reasons that a webmaster utilized to decide " I’d prefer a forum, " are perhaps better realized by a ‘blogging community. "

The first thing I like about blogs. Sometimes the " comments" evolve right serious forum discourse, with the best points summarized because of the blogger. Better than a forum thread throughout being summarized plus structured.

In contrast, when blogs get many comments, these people became unreadable. I experimented with putting the complete subforum thread list at the end of a site. However, with that advent of " threaded comments, " I observe little point to be able to bothering with this " forum-blog. " People can comment to somewhat of a comment. I may also " sticky" the top comments. I may also edit the primary blog article along at the top.

Recently i bought a Xenforo licenses, the ultimate on the internet forum. But given that I have some WordPress experience I am wondering, is that forum necessary

Benefits and drawbacks of replacing forums with blogging areas.

  1. Blogs will not be efficient for requesting help or attractive discussion.
  2. Probably WordPress cannot handle a great deal of " threads" when efficiently as Xenforo.

  1. Better SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION value. Because a blogging community can spontaneously make innumerable serious well-edited site’s niche pages of lasting value.

Currently, pertaining to my blogging online communities, some forum-type interaction is needed, but I plan to experiment with not having some sort of discussion forum. Let me not even utilize a forum plug-in. Instead, I will allow discussion blogs which will invite members to discuss from the comments. If additional forum-type discussion looks like needed, I will try a forum plug-in.

There’s no doubt that it’s obvious in which large forums including WebhostingTalk. com would not be replaced simply by blogs.

Then again, I think it is also clear that in so many cases, the reasons that a webmaster utilized to decide " I’d prefer to start a new forum, " will be perhaps better became aware by starting a new ‘blogging community. "

Any thoughts about the different reasons for forums vs. blogging communities is appreciated. Thank you.

No. With blogs, only several can start some sort of conversation on mentioned site. On any forum, anyone can start a conversation. Your blog alternative sounds as being a messy way to perform the same issue.

Quite a few sites do together, and do that well. example: www. hardocp. com. A group list of editors do the principle site / weblog, but the comments link for each entry is some sort of forum thread (vBulletin). The forum’s nonetheless a forum naturally, so there’s a pile of posts created by means of users. Sometimes certain post / posts are highlighted about the front page, but it’s actually not a copy/paste work or anything, it’s more of a note by the editors nevertheless people should go here or something.

Sidenote: Pretty sure someone posted an identical thread around here some months ago.

Thanks a ton Wired.

Hardcop. com is interesting. Their intent seems different from my idea of what a good forum or a superb blog does best. It seems to my advice, they are basically with all the forum that allows you to shuffle large site visitors under the floor covering, not a motivated effort to receive serious discussion. (Also their change colors are murder about the eyes. )

But There’s no doubt that I agree together with your main point. There’s no doubt that it’s obvious in which large forums including WebhostingTalk. com would not be replaced simply by blogs. Also, blogs are just not very handy for starting discussions or seeking help.

Let me edit my post above to make his more apparent.

Then again, I think it is also clear that some sort of ‘blogging community" is a innovative option that sometimes might be better for sure goals than the particular forum, which previously was the main vehicle for all goals.

Thanks a ton for helping me to sort out this idea in my mind.

Person, you gotta learn how to shorten up the questions. It took myself three tries to determine what you was asking.

Just to care for something in ones first " Pro", the SEO value of a site doesn’t come in the nature of their software or what type of site it is usually, and when you feel about why, there’s quite a simple reason… the software only carries a positive impact on the caliber of a site from the absence of a damaging (e. g. the software seriously isn’t so bulky that it slows the web-site down). What does influence the caliber of the site is the quality of the content along with design, and Xenforo is as likely to let you and the users of your respective community to bring quality content while Turdpress will.

As much as online forums being a dying breed, identical logic applies. It applies strictly towards the site and the actual community it presents. There are forums out there that are dying, and quite many of them, but they’re additional a case of owners that determined they spent too much effort for too bit of return, and you probably can’t blame them to the (particularly in your SEO community… many forums now usually are just rehashed waste from 5-10 several years ago).

So as much as which to underline, I’d lean towards using Xenforo being a base if solely because WordPress is eventually gonna go the means of most volunteer projects and acquire too bloated and begin to collapse under specific to it weight (hi, Firefox! ) But MY SPOUSE AND I wouldn’t say one surpasses the other to get what you’re wanting to accomplish. What it is advisable to figure out is definitely how your community wishes to interact with your website and work backwards after that.

Yes thanks a ton for reminding me of the problem. I get edited it once again. (Caution, more terms coming. Somewhat edited. Whew. )

Activity, I hope everyone watch Real Moment with Bill Maher. He similarly discusses " ****** Bank" plus " Skank involving America. "

For the " average" site member who isn’t going to do much thinking–I agree. Xenforo < > =< > sites x 1000. I type of felt so, and thanks a ton for reinforcing this kind of feeling. You have encouraged me to start out Xenforo!

However… You can’t say that your forum = a significant blogging community pertaining to SEO value as well as any value. Check out this out…

  • My very own article:.
  • Then look under " Best News" at:.
  • My article also appears at IBB, XBI plus FBT lookups from MarketWatch. com plus Finance. Yahoo. com as well as other hubs. Sometimes the connection code is obscured together with javascript but often it’s direct.

I am confused what I get like a " contributor. " However SeekingAlpha gets centre status. I need ideas of if SeekingAlpha purposes Turdpress. If they’re just, it’s modified. The moment my baby, Planetary Dealing. Org, achieves 1/1000 that a higher level traffic, I know who We can call for assistance or partnership.

When the record, I would be mistaken, but In my opinion WordPress is not just a nonprofit organization. WordPress is definitely an OS and rewards from volunteer toil. But WordPress. Org has no " donate" buttons and appears a very successful promotion because of its corporate owners by way of Akismet, WordPress. COM as well as other kickbacks. Relatively engaging, WordPress. Org delivers excellent value. But My organization is open to a much better blogware that is nonprofit.

Enjoy by nonprofit: board members could have up to $500, 000 incomes. (Though I’d be very pleased of $50, 000. ) The others goes to charities and to give cash lending products for medical and financial emergencies to get customers and volunteers:! Just imagine if all the money that Google sucks away from people went to people. How do we set this up legally Which includes a nonprofit. Charities are allowed to own lotteries. And this is only a lottery. We will not " promise" or even " claim" to pay for anything. We just quietly practice it, as required in our charter.

In case this works, you will have assured customer loyalty. You will hesitate to start out a Walmart in case someone might find a PeopleMart that shows money back. It is difficult to tackle nonprofits if you have to give profits in order to shareholders. Same is rue Facebook, Amazon, Ebay. Naturally, the selection method is somewhat randomly, and not lots of people will actually have money back. Even so the same goes intended for lotteries, and lotteries are popular. And lottery cash never helps people once they most need them. Imagine if it did. (And if nobody ought to buy a lottery admission. )

In fact, yes I might say that, plus here’s why… the tool without help doesn’t contribute towards value of this article. What makes the particular article worthwhile is simply the fact the article had a great deal of thought put straight into it. I know it had a lot of thought put towards it because WE can’t understand a new word of the idea (partly because it’s Sunday and Now i am half-distracted by this Cowboys beating on the Bills).

Contemplate this question… if you ever had taken similar article and created a static HTML page for it, would it contain the same value Or if ?t had been a forum article with discussion As well as a forum post when using the thread locked to help new replies None worth mentioning things in and also of themselves would likely impact on the quality of the article.

In case anything, one might make the argument that utilizing a WordPress or some sort of Xenforo or a vBulletin may be a slight negative through an SEO standpoint based solely on the abuse of the actual tool. It’s not a strong argument by simply any stretch, in addition to I’ll admit of which. But if you’ll be able to argue that your tool creates SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION value based on using the tool, the opposite argument also is available (splogs, unmoderated message boards, sites that obtain hacked, etc. )

So far as " better blogwa

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