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I understand a guy whom buys templates, customizes them in order to his clients needs and then sells them seeing that his own. Such as I said, he buys the actual templates from sites like themeforest and then customizes them plus sells them. He or she is not selling the actual template, he is definitely seilling the site. He makes good money performing it. Is it legal to do it this way Thanks guys.

It really all hangs on the " terms" in which the template was acquired.

Many have just one you pays for the template that can be done whatever you want together…

Many have demands that say you can only do then it you keep the main designers credits set up and in courtesy…

If he’s doing that with one which explicitly allow him to… No issue… If he’s smashing the terms with any agreement… Affiliates that put the restrictions in existence will find, and prove the truth… Have the site banned… And the people that paid him can either sue your ex boyfriend… Or have him shut down

I believe this is merely a case of " lazy" or maybe no creative liquid of his personal… Probably not ignorant enough to re sell a bed that can come again and bite your ex boyfriend.

Yeah agree with the fact… but also think that inspiration can are available in many forms rather than ever situation merits condemnation. Sometimes just how a theme is outlined or the functionality on the theme being programmed already may be a quick retrofit by using art incorporated… nonetheless I agree, simply slapping your customer’s logo over a template is absolutely lazy!

Hey guys thanks on your input. I talked to him about it and he said that he could be open with his clients which is in his 2 year contract. He does the item on sites using lower budgets, by which his client cant afford to pay for big bucks. It just looks like too good that they are true. He still spends considerably of time customizing each one template, and pretty much just uses the particular guts of that. He replaces almost all graphics with his own. It cuts the structure time in 1 / 2. Thanks again for any input. If you’ll be able to point out just about any legality issues please let me know, because I am considering doing something similar to market to small businesses. As far as I can see if that template designer enables you to buy it plus allows full ownership, its legal. Many thanks!

I wasn’t condemning… But I have heard the " lower budget" argument prior to… Not valid for experienced designer can usually result in a site layout that may be SEO friendly… Built with " future expansion" in your mind, maintenance and preservation friendly, in much less time than requires to modify peoples template.

In all seriousness, doing this can be good and fine so long as its used as being a learning experience in addition to everyone involved understands what is staying done… And they’re ok with this.

Among my newer consumers had a " template site" made for their business a couple of years back… Contacted the original designer and discussed what he was planning to do, the " template tweaker", couldn’t think of a price for many that he needed to do ( I’m sure because it seemed to be above his mind anyway ), an associate and former consumer gave them this name…

About our original reaching, we discussed each one of his desires.. POST demoed some cases… And showed him things to expect, and organized his responsibilities while in the relationship…

I obtained the to ahead for the project without ever submitting a cost… ( contract has already been signed on an hourly rate now )…. He had explained in our authentic meeting he experienced paid $600 for your original site… He had also explained he had dropped his YP promoting budget by regarding 18k… And was wanting to put the bulk of their into his internet site…

So, I have no issue with template tweakers… Especially one which don’t use it as a learning experience ( most have been in it for your quick buck )…. An increasing number of business are doing exactly what this client lands on… Turning their marketing budgets where they could get the almost all impact.

BTW… I should mention that this took me most of 4 hours to undertake the site array from scratch… But this can be gonna be a every month management / consulting contract… The client includes already paid me greater than his original design cost him… And also the site is not even live yet… Once my initial following of traffic… You can then map away the change above.. And go reside.

Thanks on your advise. I will remember that in the foreseeable future.

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