Article Submission Related Problem

Article Submission Linked Problem

Hi all,

Yesterday i was submitting articles or blog posts to ezinearticles us dot com nonetheless after click submit press button a popup revealed with message of " Anyone Keywords density is definitely – SEVERAL.1% or even 2.8%…" and due to this ratio we would not want to submit some of our articles.

But right after editing some of our articles keywords i posted both.

Want to ask one thing that Below technique of submission to ezinearticles is great way or its wrong

Let some of our keyword will be……Keyword phrases plus i alter few keywords to keyword-phrases (Place spacial nature in middle) and also few key phrases to keyword_phrases (Place underscore inside middle).After which it i posted my articles or blog posts.

Kindly okay know do you find it good approach or it could generate problem in agreement for my personal articles.

Waiting for the suggestions.


Ezinearticles use a strict approval policy.They should reject any article where by they find a small dilemma.

The way that you’re editing your own keywords, There’s no doubt that our article will not get recognised.

Yep, ezine is very strict.I learned how the hard approach once.However, it is actually worthwhile.

Maybe you ought to resubmit after start some keywords to lessen your article’s keywords and phrases density.

Well, Jerry, I won’t face such type of problem before, but ezinearticle is extremely strict n takes key terms with comma segregated.It permits only excellent contents in addition to takes a period of time to take on it.

Hi many,

Ezinearticles is among the best content directory.And it’s rules as well as guidelines are extremely tough in comparison with other article directory sites.

If you resubmit your own article immediately after editing then there’s no doubt that it would fine.


If anyone read its " Writer’s terms connected with service", you’ll get the hang of that they’ve a really strict protection plan.Another thing to note is their particular " Column Guidelines".While in the light of the editorial regulations, i suppose your content is gonna get rejected or maybe if the item succeeds with getting printed on ezine, it won’t be while in the shape you might have submitted but inside Edited arrangement.

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