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I am new to web page design. Actually, I am more thinking about web developing, as We have no eye for design nor the relevant skills in graphic software. Anyways, I took over a (free) job of designing an online site for a friend but I am stuck. She is a new Reiki practitioner (holistic healing) along with I cannot construct any interesting or perhaps appealing design ideas. After scouring online for similar professionals and thinking about their website, I found this one that I would like to model this site around: http: //www. healingrituals. com/index. html

My question is, how do i get the fine art that you see for the top banner. I lack much adobe or maybe illustrator skills. Are there any free images or banners that are offered online I were to www. report. com but can’t seem to find nearly anything. All the cost-free banner sites have ads that they slap on this banner or another catch. Any suggestions

I am creating this website from scratch (using your text editor) within XHTML and CSS. I am comfortable with that code, but it really is the design ideas i always am really suffering…

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That over the top is pretty uncomplicated… A starburst overlayed by using numerous iterations in the symbol graphic within different shades… Appears to be possibly did one side and then mirrored the additional side of the item…

Does your client have a very logo That usually needs to be the predominant photo in any header hysterical image…

You will be able to… With minimal graphic skills do something with these…

http: //www. worldhealing. net/symbols. html

Appear to be recognizable symbols to the particular culture

Thanks for any reply. Yes she does have a very logo, and it is usually pink and environmentally friendly and resembles on the list of symbols in the actual link you incorporated.

So when i open up illustrator or illustrator, I am overwhelmed by the complexity of these programs. Is there an area to get banners and also other illustrations instead of designing them I am really more interested in the development and coding portion, and real weak to the graphics portion…

POST too struggled by using graphic design in addition to familiarizing myself together with these applications. I finished up using Adobe Fireworks as i prefer its simple layout and simple use. Also, you will discover literally millions connected with tutorials online in which walk you via different graphic style techniques. Once you walk through a few of these you will get the hang of whatever application you select.

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