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I have no idea where else in order to ask this seeing that Authorize. net does not have access to a forum – so I hope that some well-informed folks on these boards might help me out.

We are setting up accepting donations for just a client through Authorize. internet. I have go through from several sources you could use the Simple Checkout to produce a donate button the location where the donator can enter extent they want to contribute. I in addition have seen sites where they’ve got this function plus note that Authorize. internet is their payment gateway. However, I have possibly not been able to accomplish this – and coming from reading their awareness base, it affirms that " Simple Checkout seriously isn’t this sophisticated".: cross-eyed:

So needless to say, I am a little bit confused. Has anyone at any time used this function before Did you know how its done

Virtually any help is a lot appreciated.

Thank you.

Are you planning to be using SIM or AIM

SIM : Simple integration process.
This is when they leave your blog, go to authorize. internet (secure site)
as well as enter their CC tips. After the purchase, they come back
to your site. (this is just like PayPal).

INTENTION – Advanced integration system.
This is when you have your individual secure server (SSL) HTTPS rather than HTTP.
The client stays on your webblog and enters many CC information with no going
to be able to another website. You pay additional for having your secure server web-site… which
is portion of your web web hosting plan.


Also understand that authorize. net carries a " developer" portion on their internet site, and they
have a way for you to " test out" your blog without using an actual credit card.
You can use PHP scripts to handle the transaction and ensure they work before
you actually go online to get real.

There are many example scripts to look at too.


But knowing whether you may be using SIM as well as AIM makes all the difference.

Thanks for such a comprehensive response.

My client is going to be using SIM.

It’s been a while since I visited authorize. internet… they’ve really walked things up.
In all probability, the most likely spot to look now would become:
http: //www. authorize. net/solutions/merchantsolutions/merchantservices/simplecheckout/

They have got the same type of PayPal thing, where you develop a button to wear your site.

Yep…. the Simple Checkout is my problem. They don’t permit a variable quantity field for contributions (and I have no idea why…. ) So We are assuming that I must script a donation form that can pass the variables to their payment gateway. At least that is certainly what I think ought to be done.

I have been everywhere in the developer site looking for a simple instructions with the process, but a great deal of it is industry jargon this is a bit over our head. I guess I am going to do additional research and see what goes on.

You are applying SIM (Simple Integration).

I believe the use of the " donate" switch, when they click on it,
they’re just taken to a secure page in authorize. net. Now there, they
pick up an " open-ended" box to enter what ever dollar amount
they desire to donate.

Really the only thing that appears on your own site is a new " donate button".

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