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Is it possible to have an online website that allows my home to change your layout.

As an example, say I planned to drag the left column to the right or alter the background coloring etc. Almost as a web builder can.


In the word, yes. That’s kinda what almost all of modern web style is built with regard to. Essentially it will be whole point regarding CSS Zen Lawn.

It truly is possible, with organizing, to have a single HTML markup for almost any client — along with just change the idea with different CSS documents.

Using a CMS system, you’ve got skins and the option to turn distinct modules on in addition to off.

Nevertheless, what you mean while you say automate can be something else. A really user annoying a thing else. For anyone who is talking about modifying the layout along with any frequency on one site, then you’re visiting annoy users.

In order more on goal comments, you’re visiting have to extend the for filling commenters in on which goals you’re attempting to accomplish.

I realize context is not really necessary for building a site. But it helps a great deal when you’re trying to communicate effectively.

Hello there DC.

There are anybody searching for I want to do:

1 – I would like the ability to change the planning of the webpage. For example I would like to change the particular frameset view, the actual colours the fonts foundation etc. The way I want to do it is to own, visual content that should change the layout using a mouseclick or your mouseover. So, as an example, if someone prefers no frames, some people click that, chances are they’ll hover over a couple of font options then click to use etc so them creates a gradual view.

2 – I would like to create some sort of music listening web-site where viewers may establish their own playlist using search or check out options. For case, if someone wishes to listen to Jazz within the style of be-bop then you will have the options to be able to click these values so it creates a filtered playlist or perhaps folder view.

Hope Concerning made myself obvious.

Thanks for ones help.

Related to Part 2…
That’s done using MySQL.

You then have a MySQL database using rows of facts. Each row will be MP3 filename, story, genre, song inside diameter, etc. When someone wishes to listen to Folk, it sets the cookie for these folks, such as genre=3. That a cookie exists, each page can automatically query the particular database for genre=3 (which could well be " Jazz" ). In which person would exclusively see those, practically nothing else.

A new MySQL table would certainly contain the user’s playlist. But without doubt a different table would contain an individual profiles… username, inside diameter, password, other customer info, etc.

You will have to have an administrative script (for anyone, the admin), along with user login, shape edit, and other scripts for that user to find songs, pick genres, and build their particular playlist.

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