Automated CSS Cleanup tools?

Heya all,

I had been wondering if anybody knew about any kind of CSS tool which would evaluate your css you import and through your site and uncover which tags you are using and not necessarily using and offer you a list.

I are sure about about CSS tools which sometimes format your css or help it become smaller size sensible or format all of it in 1 range or 1 line per tag.

With thanks!

I appear to have a CSS application tab on Firebug, think Its this town:

https: //addons. mozilla. org/en-us/firefox/addon/css-usage/

I’ve never head of this, before. Would the idea be used pertaining to cleaning duplicate guidelines etc because in the event anyone knows, I’d like to see it. haha

this indicates to show your current CSS sheet and highlight any abandoned rules in red, not sure when it shows copy rules though

In case you mean excess tags, I think W3 validation carries a tool for this. If you are looking at something else, you must have to elaborate much more.

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