Background Question and Hi :)

Without doubt guys, i’m new to the present forum… and to website development in general lol.

Internet marketing creating my initial website, i have a background image, its more of a background banner then anything else. I want the item to stretch over the whole screen reguardless involving size. so my issue is how major shoul the image be with regards to pixels

Sorry in the event the solution is painfully obvious but got a chance to start from anywhere you want right

thank you guys

You probably can’t… at least not in the way you are contemplating it should perform.

Invest the an image that may be say, 800 pixels wide and stretch it to
protect a 20inch keep track of (1600 pixels broad for example), the image will
look like crap. And what if I view you page on my ipad or ipod)

Choose whether your site are going to be a fixed thicker, or fluid, where by the
individual can squish this down. If it can be fixed, make a person’s banner like 1200 pixels
huge and leave the item at that. People with smaller screens will not be able to
see the right-hand portion of it.

Evaluate the banner within the top of this website (Webdesignforums).
The key part is within the left… nothing important on the right.

A further thought, make a person’s banner smaller, just like 400 pixels vast and
keep it centered on the screen, no make a difference what the size is. That’s sort
with what I accomplish on my uncomplicated page (catpin. com).

Do your coding by hand, using notepad++ and filezilla (for FTP transfers).
Avoid a WYSIWYG manager… you’ll have problems afterward. You might even
desire to find a good free HTML/CSS theme and customize it in your site.

Fine that sounds really logical, i’ll try of which out and notice how it works to do.

About the HTML/CSS templates did you know of any places i possibly could find high quality to use… i’m still new to the present and dont prefer to download one with a massive amount connected with code. Im thinking you with basic instructional classes (for navigation ect) that will be easier that will digest fully.
I’ll frequently seek one now in addition to see what i can formulate, any help will be awesome though

Thank you Darren

Anything at all like these: http: //www. templateworld. com/free_templates. html

I realize you can think they’re complex, but they really similar amount
of CSS and graphics you will end-up having in case you create your very own.

You might also add the world: " minimalist" to the google search to discover some
that are very plain, without a great deal of layout areas. " no cost minimalist xhtml/css templates"

Awesome thanks, do you think it could be a good idea to receive several templates and move through the code ect to try and familiarize myself with it. I think merely did that i might get a better knowledge of HTML and CSS, what do you imagine or is there an easy method like just getting stuck in in addition to changing stuff like a madman to see the result

thanks again what is greatly liked.

Be the madman and do it now.
The way to a safe duplicate of it in addition to always restore it back in case you wreck it over and above control.

You’ll find by changing elements within classes or maybe ids will present to you what various things are for.
Playing around by it will teach you probably the most… better than looking at a book. As well as use Google
intended for searching on distinct tag properties in addition to CSS properties regarding details.

Thanks to the advice, i’ll let ya recognize how my rampage should go lol.

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