Beginner question about ranking multiple keywords

Inexperienced question with regards to ranking various keywords

I am new for the SEO domain.Today I got very pleased with myself to get using two similar keyword phrases for starterst article.A co-worker involving mine exactly who knows far more about the following than POST do said I might be improved off generating two virtually identical articles rather than one content with both equally keywords.Saying may well confuse Google about which phrase I had been trying to help rank regarding.That staying said, Absolutely , him but he wouldn’t elaborate more.The phrases are ‘last tiny deals’ plus ‘clearance deals’ for people who are curious.There’re very equivalent and the two will look in the actual title, meta tags, and many others.My question to your account is might someone remember to explain just how or the key reason why Google could not rank exactly the same article while high with regard to using both equally keywords along with it would for starterst Apart through the minor discrepancy in percentage of search phrases to total words.

Thank You

I will probably suggest in order to write content material for users.That is definitely:write practical content, content that will serve the end users.Keywords can come naturally.Apply 1, 2 for example keywords inside the same article and if the content material is wonderful, then perhaps it will rank high for those keywords.

Also, getting excellent backlinks having keywords throughout anchor text may help a great deal.

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