Best Browser to test website?

Hi there,
I had been wondering if any one knew which browser is better to test your current websites in

as many as you can but realy concentrate on the major 4
IE6, 7, 8 firefox, sfari, opera. and for seo indexability

Firefox having Firebug, I’ve identified, is the easiest for development. Opera, mainly Opera 10, is very standards-compliant and goes by Acid3. Then test in IE8, then IE7, and as long as you specifically need support as it, IE6.

Usually, develop for by far the most standards-compliant browser and work into the least.

What does the title of the thread should want to do with browser testing

Sorry, this.

Title evolved.

I minute firefox with firebug install

Also validate your website with http: //validator. w3. org

I usually use 3 preferred browsers. IE8, Opera and Firefox.

Safari (sadly) is considerably more popular than Opera, and even Chrome, the browser without any point, has two times its market reveal. Opera is simply 0. 7% despite precisely how clearly awesome it can be.

Testing a website used to be so much better. You would grow and test your code in Net Explorer and always be totally oblivious to help anything but key HTML, CSS or perhaps JavaScript errors. Even the almost all conscientious developers would certainly only test two or three other minority browsers.

Focus most around the bugs between FF and also IE – when you can settle them, the approaches that arise around opera, safari and others will often end up being less pronounced. Furthermore, the majority connected with users still use either IE or perhaps FF. I would recommend returning to IE 6 to attempt, there are still loads of 6 users out there.. god knows why

I share a lot of the other posts’ fondness connected with FF w/ Firebug to debug.

I usually use 3 preferred browsers. IE8, Opera and Firefox.
What design is best for this.

I test out in ie6 and firefox as I am developing, then with ie7, ie8, opera chrome and safari. W3c is good to try and do if you’ve moment.

IE and Opera are excellent testers. Been implementing them.

major ppl use IE so test as but also test inside others (Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc)

Firefox is definitely good, it has the developer tool that will do all kind like display div borders and lots of other things

Attempt on IE 6, so you can expect the worst.


i think internet explorer is better for testing a website.

I apply http: //browsershots. org/ It provides you with screen shots of your respective site in a huge amount of different browsers.

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