Best method to install a blog in an existing website?

Howdy everyone,

I’m exploring Blogger and CMSs on the whole.

General CMSs are generally easy enough to make use of, but I’m having problems with WordPress. To my family, learning WordPress is more difficult than learning HTML DOCUMENT, even though WordPress should certainly be meant regarding laymen. Their assist articles are quite horrible too.

What I’m wanting to do is develop a new page with my directory (blog. php). It provides the same stylings since my other pages, since they all make use of the same stylesheet and also php includes. In the content area on the other hand, I want a blog inserted, by using WordPress functionality. Is there methods to do this

I explored thinking about making themes in WordPress, but realized that it might be about 50x more challenging than making a template file in HTML with involves. Plus, it seems that I would have to do it from the WP theme directory, and have to generate separate stylesheets/includes on the ones in the base directory.

I want to add this because I need to expand on my how does someone include design content articles. Furthmore, I want to know how to comprise a feature such as this in a client’s website, if they want the feature as opposed to just a CMS-only CMS.

Any WordPress insight would be appreciated.


You can make site pages around WordPress, as well as using a blog. It actually is much easier to complete that than it can be to incorporate some sort of blog into a current site, if you wish it styled exactly the same way. In truth, if your site is just not finished yet, I had recommend this technique.

If you undertake have an active site and don’t wish to convert it that will WP, but " just" would like to add a site, It’s a bunch more work. The way I’d personally do it (have done it) is always to make a subfolder on the webpage called " blog" (or anything you desire, really) and set up WordPress there. Then create a young child theme for the blog that will style it similar to the rest within your pages. This may be fairly simple to try and do, depending on how complicated your authentic design is.

A child topic is just a variety of files – a new CSS file for sure and sometimes a functions or javascript file – that you just name during a vacation of the WordPress theme you’re using.

By way of example, if your major them is Twenty Eleven, the current default theme that include the WP installation, you would set up folder containing a copy of your respective main site’s CSS file and with the top of the file believe put:

/* Design Name: Twenty 11 Child Theme
URI: http: //example. com/
Description: Child theme for any Twenty Eleven topic
Author: Your own name here
Author URI: http: //example. com/about/
Template: twentyeleven Version: 0. 1. 0 */

You’d upload the folder towards themes directory from the site (www. sitename. com/blog/wp-content/themes/) and then in the dashboard with WP, you’d choose it because the theme. There will most likely be some differences between the styling of the blog and the chief theme, due into the differing functionality on the blog, but you can always edit the child theme’s CSS once you possess uploaded it – you should see how near to the main site this styling is when you start to modify.

For any more complete justification, go here: http: //codex. squidoo. org/Child_Themes

You’ll never get your original site looking precisely the same as WP.
Nevertheless , you can duplicate home furniture schemes, fonts, in addition to basic graphical visual appeal.

Is it possible show us your main site (the URL), and then a link in your WP portion

That’s why I recommend for you to my clients who desires a blog in their site, that him and i create the whole site in Squidoo.

Also that, or to be a weak second decision, create and type the blog earliest, and then operate like mad in order to recreate that style to the HTML and CSS section of the site.

The method described in my article above was done for your client who had a really big site and didn’t desire to either take the time to re-create the particular pages in WP themselves, or pay someone to perform it. In the finale, it cost them almost as much, because of time it took that will fiddle and chang the blog installation so it looked as similar to the main site as you possibly can.

Thanks AlphaMare… this can be basically what We were thinking. I’m thinking that simply creating a separate blog will be 15x faster plus easier since WHEN I wouldn’t need any integration and duplicate files to match the original site look.

Appears to be the next action in web coming up with is learning Wetpaint. Sigh.



Once you install WP, there will be a folder known as wp-content/themes.
That folder will present the WP default designs and any theme you install (upload).
You merely modify files on theme directory (folder). Don’t touch any WP
records. Everything you need is within your theme index. You can find a free WP theme
that looks (the layout) almost what you including, and then anyone customize the heck out of it.

Many thanks. I appreciate this particular tip.

I am tech-saavy, but when i started using WordPress and noticed their official instructions/codex/articles, I felt much like the dumbest guy, which they were offering horrible explanations.


Codex can be hard to comprehend. What I carry out is study Codex, but when i want to do
some thing different, I use Google to get a specific illustration of what I need… for example,
say you desire the " learn more… " to be a link instead with…

I’ll want to learn something about: squidoo, codex, and " learn more"…
I create a Google search while using words, Wordpre

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