Best Portfolio Layout

Curious to learn some opinions. Right this moment I’m looking for a few options:
ONE PARTICULAR. Listed layout having thumbnail, then large screenshot on click (current, http: //shovenose. com/portfolio. php )
A COUPLE OF. Grid layout with thumbnail, then large screenshot on click

Thank you for the assist!

For an online design portfolio, I prefer what you have already better than your grid style. You can even go most of jQuery like I did on my profile page.

The grid would be better for the photography or artist’s profile.

My strategy:
I’ll make jQuery categories (for deficit of a better term) in that case use my present layout within those.
How does that sound
Just how did you generate the jQuery idea

It’s fretting hand coded. I used the particular jQuery toggle function to expand the type and return to original size on click. Feel zero cost to steal this. All of the important jquery is throughout site. js. The relevant CSS is in the primary CSS file.

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