Best Rotating Image Software

What on earth do you consider to be the most beneficial free software to create pictures rotate – preferably without having to load all the pictures prior to see the 1st one (to preserve loading time)
I currently work with a script – that came recommended once a question during this forum – however the script runs in the head section which is not w3c compliant. In addition , it clashes with that lightbox script – so I can’t use both in the same web page.
Could appreciate any pointers.

I thing we all cant restrict that loading of completely page into on the main div.

I’m taking care of a website for any realty company right this moment. I used Wondershare Flash Gallery to try and do some rotating photographs. It’s REALLY successful. www. shawnstoppable. com/firstchoice to look at that rotating images.

Thank you Shawnstoppable – Wondershare looks a motivating tool though I used to be really looking intended for something that’s non-Flash – I believe I’m right in saying that this software won’t work unless the actual user’s got Flash installed (not everybody has)
Does anyone know of any non-Flash software package for rotating photographs that’s free and simple to operate.

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