best way to add a secure feedback form?

We have always struggled along with adding feedback styles to my sites. Back in a single day I created them myself and they were very unsecure as well as I got plenty of spam. Then I started using the one which someone else created but it was a little more secure, but soon determined that again there was plenty of spam being resulted in. For a current website, I paid to get a service that is definitely secure and there is no spam, but I found all the process to often be very cumbersome and also felt constrained by lack of modification options.

I only have VERY basic programming skills and would love to find a feedback form that we only have to install and modify, not build from damage. I’d like anything simple, yet easy to customize. And of course, secure. CAPTCHA (is the fact that right acronym) could well be great, but any method to deliver realiable security could well be great. I’m not dealing with sensitive information, just so my clients are certainly not innundated with junk mail.

What perhaps you have sucessfully used to get feedback forms Free is better, but I am prepared to pay a bit if I will use the same form over and over.

Thanks for any leads.


bundle. Surely others of you might have struggled with this particular

bump all over again… anyone

JotForm. com is actually decent.

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