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I have a French Chateau site which i did after some duration ago for a good English couple targetting other English tourists – the website is at the superior of Google for all English keywords. They now need to keep the English version but also have an more French version from the same site in order to attract French customers.
What is the best way to make this happen – the budget will be minimal!!
Will i need to repeat each page by using French keywords within the urls and French keywords inside alt text etc plus a French translation on the content Or will this have the pages dumped in to the supplemental because of duplicate content
Additionally, is there some kind of programme that is going to do things for you
Would appreciate any kind of advice as that is all new in my opinion.

How many web pages are there on the website.
On earth do you show us the url to it

You can look at the google translate tool. Many a new FONT=& quotweb site design company find the tool helpful.


The site has 10 pages and it is at http: //www. chateaudeplehaut. co. uk/

– Cheers for this. It appears it will give us first translation pretty effortlessly. Does anyone know when the translation is a bit of good or do we need to allow a provide getting a French person to correct the grammar/phraseology and so forth Has anyone got any experience associated with it
Given that each French page are going to be an exact French copy on the English page (pictures, alt text message, content etc), should we just squeeze French pages suitable separate " France subdirectory" of the particular website, accessed via the French flag for the top Or would this get the pages dumped into your supplemental index pertaining to duplicate content – I realize not to copy English pages the next website but We’ve no experience with duplicating pages within a different languages.
Additionally, presumably for SEO, we need French urls, French photograph file names etc
Will appreciate any suggestions before speaking in order to customer. Am looking to get a feel regarding how big a job this must be and how going about it / the amount of to charge and so forth.

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