Best Way To Show Pictures?


I’ve built an internet site for myself to share all of our pictures, blog, and also allow employers for you to view/download my application.

Currently I have different sections by using lists of hyperlinks to various occurrences. Using a internet album generator I have those event links head to the albums.

They look sort of tacky however, and I’m keen the way lightbox would make pictures look.

Picasa only enables 1gb of zero cost storage and I’m needing at least 20-30gb…

Just about any suggestions

Referrals: www. jamesfontaine. net

Gives thanks!

check away the gallery about my site world wide web. studio378d. com and check if that is something you prefer. if it is i would be glad to talk about some code to generate it happen available for you. im still new to design so it would fun.

That is definitely okay, not what exactly I’m looking pertaining to, but a get started.

I would like to display pics in folders (albums) through a link every event, and have them displayed a similar way they are actually, just in a far more modern fashion…

im uncertain what you feel can be more modern. your gallery seems fine in my opinion. if you could detail what you need to change i will code it available for you.

I need to give you some sort of tip about your current images loading truly slow.

You could have them uploaded truly large and excellent. Nothing wrong together with that, but when you change the size within the html it distorts it somewhat, and it is taking quite a while to load. Best to resize the images towards exact size you wish them to be on the site, then write the html document for it.

It is a page I was looking at.
http: //www. jamesfontaine. net/KasAndI. html

Brussels is easy to implement. It’s a new flash program.
http: //www. flashgallery. org/

Thanks for the guidelines! You’re exactly appropriate, the pictures place slowly because I have written to resize the original. I’ll put that down as an improvement to make, I just resize it via code to assure everything fits appropriately.

Oh correct right! Yep I do that sometimes too. Otherwise you tend to be resizing and going forward and backward editing photos. And you also never know whenever a client will want a unique size or not. Good call!

It’s just easier to me to get your spacing right with the page…

I’m really preference the macromedia link you gave me!

I much like the web site how it is honestly. I think transforming the pic size would have been a good call though. A lightbox can be pretty easy and free that can put on there, so if you are gonna add whatever, I think that would have been a good place to begin with. You can find how I make use of mine on my portfolio page. http: //www. copperheadmediadesign. com


I’m about to play with lightbox over a couple pages. Now i’m still a newb for you to it too yet I’ll figure them out.

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