Big site Changed url from boards to forums now its dead what should i do

Major site Changed url by boards that will forums these days its inactive what ought to be a do

hey folk am in a trouble
i improved my web-site url through boards/index.php that will forums/index.php
google is not indexing the pages yeast infection
the web-site indexed web sites is losing so rapidly
In that situation what should i do their been lengthy sice i done SEO uncertain what i should do now
any ideas the best way the site support


try to getting a redirect through your old how does someone your different one.preferably, googlebot may follow that and established it in place accordingly – there’s no doubt that google is definitely decent having that.

what may be the best redirection approach i should use

i’d direct using.htaccess making sure that /boards becomes /forums.

301 redirect would be the best plan in this particular situation

.htacces would be the best or in the event you dont have learned to do that google it or simply make a folder called boards and also put a great index.code file within there that will auto redirects.

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