big site using invalid css?

MY PARTNER AND I thought that good css and xhtml was crucial while a make site, So I was studying bing. com as well as youtube. com to view how they have their search night clubs. I found available their code isn’t valid and maybe they are using css3. Relating to a couple queries.. Is valid computer code really THAT crucial since big sites exercise Is css3 even being developed for the reason that I haven; t really also been keeping tabs with it but Relating to not seen any progress. And one more thing can someone explain to me how twits did their curved corners and altered the height health of their main page seek out bar Thanks

I’ll make this kind of quick since I don’t possess much time.

Valid code gives your blog stability and great performance. There are a lot of reasons to aim to code the right way all of which can be found thru researching google and understanding.

I want to put it with this…
It’s kinda like the difference between an auto being built along with quality parts and one with used segments. One is visiting have longevity along with perform well, one other….

Keep as the primary goal really massive websites have many site visitors. 0. 1% of a browser human population is irrelevant to us but is lots of people for them, so the unhealthy browsers that choke about valid code still need to be supported… for illustration, Google hasn’t possibly been valid that i know of.

Google’s code is terrible, here is the code out of google. com. au:

<! doctype html> < html> < head> < meta http-equiv=" content-type" content=" text/html; charset=UTF-8" > < title> Google< /title> < script> screen. google=kEI: " UvuZSuq2H4iKwgP7qfCwBQ", kEXPI: " 17259, 19608, 21607, 21651", kCSIE: " 17259, 19608, 21607, 21651", kCSI: electronic: " 17259, 19608, 21607, 21651", ei: " UvuZSuq2H4iKwgP7qfCwBQ", kHL: " en";

screen. google. sn=" webhp"; screen. google. timers=load: to: start: (new Date). getTime(); trywindow. search engine. pt=window. gtbExternal& & screen. gtbExternal. pageT()window. external& & screen. external. pageTcatch(b)(function()var a=parseInt((window. place. href. match(" & #cts=(. *)(& #$)" )0, 0)1)0; if(a)window. search engine. timers. load. to. asrt=a)();
var _gjwl=location; function _gjuc()var b=_gjwl. href. indexOf(" #" ); if(b> =0)var a=_gjwl. href. substring(b+1); if(/(& )q=/. test(a)& & the. indexOf(" #" )==-1& &! /(& )cad=h($& )/. test(a))_gjwl. replace(" /search" +a. replace(/(& )fp=& */g, " " )+" & cad=h" ); go back 1return 0function _gjp()! (window. _gjwl. hash& & screen. _gjuc())& & setTimeout(_gjp, 500);
screen. _gjp & & _gjp()< /script> < style> tdline-height:. 8em;. gac_m tdline-height: 17px; formmargin-bottom: 20px; entire body, td, a, p,. hfont-family: arial, sans-serif. hcolor: #36c; font-size: 20px. qcolor: #00c. ts tdpadding: 0. tsborder-collapse: collapseemfont-weight: vibrant; font-style: normal#gbarheight: 22px. gbh,. gbdborder-top: 1px strong #c9d7f1; font-size: 1px. gbhheight: 0; location: absolute; top: 24px; width: 100%#gbi, #gbg, #gbsbackground: #fff; left: 0; position: total; text-align: left; presence: hidden; z-index: 1000#gbi, #gbgborder: 1px strong; border-color: #c9d7f1 #36c #36c #a2bae7; z-index: 1001#guserpadding-bottom: 7px! necessary; text-align: right#gbar, #guserfont-size: 13px; padding-top: 1px! importantmedia almost all. gb1,. gb3height: 22px; margin-right:. 5em; vertical-align: top#gbarfloat: left. gb2display: block; extra padding:. 2em. 5ema. gb1, the. gb2, a. gb3color: #00c! necessary. gb2,. gb3text-decoration: nonea. gb2: hoverbackground: #36c; colouring: #fff! important< /style> < script> search engine. y=; google. x=function(e, g)google. ye. id=e, he; return false; screen. rwt=function(a, d, electronic, g, h, f, my spouse and i, j)tryif(a===window)a=window. event. srcElement; while(a)if(a. href)break; a=a. parentNodevar b=encodeURIComponentescape, c=a. href. split(" #" ), k=" /urlsa=t", " ", d" & oi=" +b(d): " ", e" & cad=" +b(e): " ", " & ct=", b(g" res" ), " & cd=", b(h), " & url=", b(c0). replace(/\+/g, " %2B" ), " & ei=", " UvuZSuq2H4iKwgP7qfCwBQ",
f" & usg=" +f: " ", my spouse and i, c1" #" +c1: " ". join(" " ); the. href=k; a. onmousedown=" " catch(l)return correct;
window. gbar=qs: function(), tg: function(e)var o=id: 'gbar'; for(i inside e)oi=ei; google. x(o, function()gbar. tg(o)); < /script> < /head> < entire body bgcolor=#ffffff text=#000000 link=#0000cc vlink=#551a8b alink=#ff0000 onload=" document. f. q. focus(); if(document. images)new Image(). src='/images/nav_logo6. png'" topmargin=3 marginheight=3> < textarea id=csi style=display: none> < /textarea> < div id=gbar> < nobr> < b class=gb1> Web< /b> < the href=" http: //images. search engine. com. au/imghphl=en& tab=wi" onclick=gbar. qs(this) class=gb1> Images< /a> < the href=" http: //video. search engine. com. au/hl=en& tab=wv" onclick=gbar. qs(this) class=gb1> Videos< /a> < the href=" http: //maps. search engine. com. au/mapshl=en& tab=wl" onclick=gbar. qs(this) class=gb1> Maps< /a> < the href=" http: //news. search engine. com. au/nwshphl=en& tab=wn" onclick=gbar. qs(this) class=gb1> News< /a> < the href=" http: //groups. search engine. com. au/grphphl=en& tab=wg" onclick=gbar. qs(this) class=gb1> Groups< /a> < the href=" http: //mail. search engine. com/mail/hl=en& tab=wm" class=gb1> Gmail< /a> < the href=" http: //www. search engine. com. au/intl/en/options/" onclick=" that. blur(); gbar. tg(event); go back! 1" aria-haspopup=true class=gb3> < u> more< /u> < small> < /small> < /a> < div id=gbi> < the href=" http: //books. search engine. com. au/bkshphl=en& tab=wp" onclick=gbar. qs(this) class=gb2> Books< /a> < the href=" http: //scholar. search engine. com. au/schhphl=en& tab=ws" onclick=gbar. qs(this) class=gb2> Scholar< /a> < the href=" http: //blogsearch. search engine. com. au/hl=en& tab=wb" onclick=gbar. qs(this) class=gb2> Blogs< /a> < the href=" http: //translate. search engine. com. au/hl=en& tab=wT" onclick=gbar. qs(this) class=gb2> Translate< /a> < div class=gb2> < div class=gbd> < /div> < /div> < the href=" http: //www. youtube . com. com/hl=en& tab=w1& gl=AU" onclick=gbar. qs(this) class=gb2> YouTube< /a> < the href=" http: //www. search engine. com/calendar/renderhl=en& tab=wc" class=gb2> Calendar< /a> < the href=" http: //picasaweb. search engine. com. au/homehl=en& tab=wq" onclick=gbar. qs(this) class=gb2> Photos< /a> < the href=" http: //docs. search engine. com/hl=en& tab=wo" class=gb2> Documents< /a> < the href=" http: //www. search engine. com. au/reader/view/hl=en& tab=wy" class=gb2> Reader< /a> < the href=" http: //sites. search engine. com/hl=en& tab=w3" class=gb2> Sites< /a> < div class=gb2> < div class=gbd> < /div> < /div> < the href=" http: //www. search engine. com. au/intl/en/options/" class=gb2> even more & raquo; < /a> < /div> < /nobr> < /div> < div id=guser width=100%> < nobr> < b> nevery29gmail. com< /b> < the href=" /urlsa=p& pref=ig& pval=3& q=http: //www. search engine. com. au/ig%3Fhl%3Den%26source%3Diglk& usg=AFQjCNH1kEen7nYvAop6K_53cfXVwWQinQ" > iGoogle< /a> < the href=" /preferenceshl=en" onclick=" that. blur(); gbar. tg(event); go back! 1" aria-haspopup=true aria-owns=gbg class=gb3> < u> Settings< /u> < small> < /small> < /a> < div id=gbg> < the href=" /preferenceshl=en" class=gb2> Search settings< /a> < the href=" http: //www. search engine. com/accounts/ManageAccount" class=gb2> Search engine account settings< /a> < /div> < the href=" /accounts/ClearSIDcontinue=http: //www. search engine. com/accounts/Logout%3Fcontinue%3Dhttp: //www. search engine. com. au/" > Indicator out< /a> < /nobr> < /div> < div class=gbh style=left: 0> < /div> < div class=gbh style=right: 0> < /div> < center> < br clear=all id=lgpd> < img alt=" Google" height=110 src=" /intl/en_au/images/logo. gif" width=276 id=logo onload=" screen. lol& & lol()" > < br> < br> < sort action=" /search" name=f> < desk cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0> < tr valign=top> < td width=25%> & nbsp; < /td> < td align=center nowrap> < reviews name=hl type=hidden value=en> < reviews name=source type=hidden value=hp> < reviews autocomplete=" off" maxlength=2048 name=q size=55 class=lst title=" Search engine Search" value=" " > < br> < reviews name=btnG type=submit value=" Search engine Search" class=lsb> < reviews name=btnI type=submit value=" Im Feeling Lucky" class=lsb> < /td> < td nowrap width=25% align=left> < font size=-2> & nbsp; & nbsp; < the href=/advanced_searchhl=en> Advanced Search< /a> < br> & nbsp; & nbsp; < the href=/language_toolshl=en> Language Tools< /a> < /font> < /td> < /tr> < tr> < td align=center colspan=3> < font size=-1> < course style=" text-align: left" > Search: < input id=all type=radio name=meta value=" " checked> < tag for=all> the website < /label> < reviews id=cty type=radio name=meta value=" cr=countryAU" > < tag for=cty> pages coming from Australia < /label> < /span> < /font> < /td> < /tr> < /table> < /form> < br

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