Blogger Versus Hubpages Versus Squidoo

Doodlekit Versus Hubpages Opposed to Squidoo

You decided not to mention competition of the actual long tail, only the quantity of searches, or does you necessarily mean competition using this type of number

Well it would make sense to utilize Blogger, considering that it’s held by Search engine, and it is assumed google adore to eat their own " private dog food" e.g.It’s no co-incidence which youtube video clips rank extremely well in google is it

I am uncertain why believe exclude Blogger purely when you were only about to do JUST ONE post, there would be no penalty for undertaking that within my expertise.

Squidoo possesses traditionally positioned well for me, as properly as hubpages.

One reason you might want to leave out hubpages is always that they just don’t pass on page rank on outgoing back links until your hub reaches a particular level associated with " coolness" in right now there eyes Consequently this is often a factor inside your determinations.

Why not take the time to put ALL SEVERAL site way up and link to one another.Depending for the competition you could find yourself on page one for everyone 3

The proper way for me to status well quickly for any long tail should be to put up a video after which it just add some backlinks for you to it.



I believe blogger is definitely preferable platform to make use of.I include used most of three but I love blogger probably the most.

" that they don’t pass on pr on outgoing links"

All 3 worth mentioning sites are generally good in the event that someone is interested in making a at no cost site.But when someone would like to make a blog/lens and so forth at these sites just to obtain backlinks or PR charge for another website, then I believe that cannot help significantly.

Blogging provides multiple advances over squidoo and also hubpages.
You include full control in the content unlike squidoo & hubpages confine them.

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