borders around a cell

Hie guys

take place a put county around a cellular, i dont necessarily mean the borders which you define for some sort of table, those versions dont usually appear nice, but i have seen some websites which have nice looking curved edges borders all-around some areas like within the picture that we have attached…… any thoughts

It’s executed using CSS:

Some generators this make the CSS for yourself…
http: //www. the search engines. com/searchq=css rounded sides generator& btnG=Search

See how it is done and you can create them yourself.

Nearly all of what you tend to be pointing out tend to be images, they don’t work with CSS for that will,

Developing a border like that is definitely usually very simple for most image editing programs. I use an only version involving fireworks, just choose the box design tool, draw that box, there usually a setting with the corner radius configurations, 0 = simply no rounding, just move the amount up based for the rounding effect needed. Most smaller containers like those in the pics are as being a 3-4 radius next corner. The larger the particular box, the more you can round it and it also look nice.

Gives thanks Mlseim, that was awesome, its truly working perfectly….

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