Build New Template site in CMS or Ground UP? Please help.

Hi there everyone. I planned to get experts opinion on the we should carry out with our subsequent website.

Prohibited in a housing business, apartment space leases. We want to set-up a site with regard to ourselves, but also a ready-made ‘turn key’ webpage, which could often be sold to other operators all over the world, fully and wholly customizable. Every imaginable point of it should be customizable including changes of logos, allowing / disabling of various features, or anything else. The idea should be to sell it to our competitors as well as other operators throughout other cities.

My question is usually – should all of us hire someone to construct this ground ” up ” in PHP or should we complement a CMS Each of my websites at this point were built floor up in PHP but I note that CMS is favored now. If CMS – what design would be recommended for this kind of project

I appreciate any feedback in advance and if any clarification becomes necessary pleas let my family know.

There is already a huge amount of real estate, rental method of scripts available. It’d be
best to try and do a totally one of a kind and custom practical application… it would allow it to become stand out.

It would be a tough business to get into. You would experience constant patches,
reliability updates, and debugging problems. I’ve got an additional idea…

Maybe you have thought about having a database You might sell an API making sure that others
can access it, add to it, and put it to use for their private existing (or brand new sites). So everyone would
not be inside business of marketing a " switch key" script, but selling a good API for entry to your
list. All you complete is host in addition to manage the collection.

Your database would also include any zip code (or postal code) GPS database therefore , the API
can access " this nearest" to a certain location, or the next radius. Other realtors
or landlords could upload, edit, and delete his or her listings on your own database,
and provide permissions to help make their listings watchable to other agents.

You should develop API features in making it easy for ones clients to apply your database,
and they would pay with the month, or by usage for use of your information.

Hi there, thanks for your own answer. It seems to be a concensus that CMS is not really the option for folks.

API unfortunately wouldn’t work for what we want to do, but thanks in your answer nevertheless.

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