Building a forum for a doctor……

Howdy. I’m a very new developer.

My client is really a doctor and he would like to have a web page where visitors could go and save their dreams. They could write their ambitions, have a preference to let other folks view them and also not, and possibly invite comments in the doctor.

What would be your simplest way to do this as I doubt I could program it myself at this point

Install a forum But and then how would the writer make his/her place private, only that they are viewed by the particular doctor

Thanks on your help in enhance.


You will discover mods for vBulletin (at vbulletin. org) that may do most or all of which.

Thanks! Will consider that.

You’ve posted the following in another component to the forum…

http: //www. webdesignforums. net/showthread. phpt=33080

What’s wrong having those answers for a question
Please don’t double-post questions… it wastes our period!

Sorry. I meant this to be a follow up question in this I wad searching out about privacy. But thanks on your great response for you to my first concern..

Drupal would probably be an increased core system for this sort of solution.

You can use CCK to develop a content type identified as " Dream", and also the poster / individual could select regardless of whether it be published on the site, in which instance other members may view and discuss the dream.

You could as well augment the dream-base by using other functionality in the foreseeable future.


Thanks. I’ve got word of Drupal. Will check out further per ones suggestion. I’m almost new to legitimate, so I’m curious about if there’s a turnkey strategy to set it up

Howdy greenpoint,

How can be your forum coming alongside A pretty simple, but solid solution may very well be developed relatively immediately. Using the open up source database " sqlite" and any on the list of languages out presently there. PHP would possibly the easiest to begin with with. (of training thats up intended for argument, Perl, Dark red, ASP, etc… would be fine as well. I mention sqlite because doing so gives you your pretty solid database that I’ve leaped in production environments, and it’s all stored in the file, not demanding a server. And accepts most common ANSI SQL commands. As long for the reason that site isn’t acquiring.. say 100, 000/hits a day it will carry out fine. (thats any rough number). You can also do this kind of project entirely inside Server-Side JavaScript employing Ejscript or Jaxer, depending on what kind of access to the server/hosting environment you’ve got.

Nonetheless I’m getting means ahead… basically one could have a solution that has been comprised of 3-5 records, if not much less. Do you know what are the hosting environment the doctor has regarding his current internet site where this forum will reside And also does it own any databases or maybe languages installed on it also, does it plan on future expansion, a lot more functionality, or is niagra just a modest tool for his patients.

I’d be glad to assist you put something together. The other strategies of Drupal and also such are good, but may possibly be overkill for what you would like to accomplish. Feel free to meaning me with far more details, and see what we can come ” up “. Keep it simple as you possibly can and still meet certain requirements, without needing a CS degree not to lose it.


Thanks so you can get in touch. The project can be moving along while I get to the forum part, I’ll get in touch. Thanks.


" But then how would this writer make his/her submit private, only that they are viewed by the particular doctor"

I think that is no problem: if you build a forum, visitors can produce private messages towards doctor.
I truly like your notion – I’ll end up being the visitor of your site Good good fortune!

Thanks for any reply. The doctor is surely an older and not necessarily too tech savvy–he got lost trying to get into the online community I temporarily live for him, so I have got to think of methods to educate or streamline the process……


Howdy greenpoint,
Are you using a over shelf/open source discussion board, or a custom one I could help smooth out a computer owner experience for it, user interface smart. Is the physician somewhat comfortable with WinXP / Vista (or OS X, etc.. )
Notice: when I express help, I accomplish mean help. Not something where you have an invoice a few days later.

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