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So… im looking in to building my earliest real website ive made a couple of webpages before yet nothing functional – i have a clothing company and we would like a webpage to offer my clothing on the web. im also a new graphic designer our full time work. Im not 100% upon coding or whats is recommend to create a webpage uncomplicated to edit/add goods different sizes, colors, quanity – i truly like www. phase9media. com i prefer the simplicity from the page itself — what would i need to create similar to that. would anyone occur to no when thats a theme with edited graphics or is the fact that custom

Its site looks hand-made… the graphics and also the PayPal stuff (items listed).

Break up your project towards two parts.
1) The graphics part for you to do as any graphic designer.
2) The programming part for you to hire-out (like to your freelance programmer).

Investigation this…
What charge card merchant are you thinking of using
Who you select will make a major difference on what sort of programming is treated.
What approach to CC gateway may also make a change.
Will people be ready to buy your outfits without trying these on
Will you be able to get good photos, and manage the online store as an entire time job
Will you be able to quickly take care of returns/exchanges and wrong-size issues

Look at this credit card merchant to master about the 2 methods of transactions:
http: //www. authorize. net/resources/howitworksdiagram/
SIM: Uncomplicated Integration Method (like PayPal).
PURPOSE: Advanced Integration Method (where you have a secure server webhost account).

Decide who and the method that you will handle bank cards.

Before you decide to even come to be able to us with website design and encoding questions,
are you totally ready to trade online as a full time job. Running a web based website,
and selling on the net isn’t something you merely toss-up and relax and watch.
It is just a very difficult business to operate… especially clothing. People must touch it,
see it at a store, and try stuff on… very tough to perform online.

All the best.

I is going to be using paypal… being im online 8 hrs a day… and im always shipping out products have a very few extra things shipout and take care of shouldnt be very much of a inconvenience. What would this programing run me so far as total cost

If you are using PayPal (SIM) where the shopping cart as well as checkout is handled
about PayPal, that makes things a lot easier for your web site. You only need to
manage the photos, criteria, prices.

The only other decision will be inventory quantities. By using PayPal, you can
are automatically adjust stock numbers (when a service sells), or perform it
by yourself. Automatic will take more programming, as this uses an IPN:
https: //www. paypal. com/ipn

You should also look into with a pre-made shopping cart script (system),
such as CubeCart, OSCommerce, Magento… several are free, others have a very cost.

That PROS:
The nice issue about a pre-made script is the programming is just about all done.
The only thing you’ll want to do is add photos, descriptions, in addition to cost.
Lisenced users time is nearly nothing, only installation is necessary.

That CONS:
You should customize it to check your website (the glimpse and layout),
which means you’ll own some limitations on how it will look. It can also
have a lot more features than you will want… that just helps it be a longer
learning process to perform.


Also before diving towards this… look into thinking about creating an EBay save or a Digg store.
These would be ONLINE systems, wherever your store is definitely hosted by these folks and you
do the many setup and posting online. You do not own your own website per-se.

Create a few decisions immediately after research and why don’t we know.
Also… how many clothing items do you have to sell
And do you already have a website where we are able to see them


If you are looking for layout as well as easy development simply by linking to paypal or perhaps other payment gateways next try Excitepro. That should present you with a beautiful web site then what you are looking at. Of course it is possible to attach shopping cart to excitepro. In order to try advanced ecommerce option then Zeuscart could be another solution. tryout. Goodluck.

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