Building Site in the Style of Threadless and DBH, Advice Sought on How to Proceed…

Good day,

I’m in the look stages of aquiring a site nearly the same as Threadless. com as well as Design by Humankind built.

Relating to some experience within very basic web site building but obviously nowhere near the level required with regard to an undertaking like that.

My intention is always to find a web development company to build coursesmart for me by means of Elance or same.

What I’m looking for out is what internet sites are constructed with so Allow me to be more particular in my explanation of what to ask for when drawing upwards my plan for any site.

If anyone here can view these sites along with tell me what there’re built using I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks ahead of time

Why now don’t email them and get them
Most site owners are very proud of its sites and could well be glad to discuss with you about it.
They may even manage to give you a reference for the site designer(s).

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