Can I add a URL to a LightBox Gallery?

FONT=& quotI am making use of jQuery LightBox to make a gallery of websites Relating to worked on. I would such as viewer youngster should be either click around the image and be exposed to the actual web-site or add some sort of URL link somewhere while in the caption space below the image. Since everything has already been set in a great ‘a href’ tag can we really inset another one inside main ‘a href’ licence plate

Or is there another solution for you to my problem

Thank you! /FONT

I am aware you can having Lightbox 2.

Your would exercise like this:

< the href=" images/imagename. jpg" rel=" lightboxgroupname" title=" & lt; the href=& quot; http: //www. websiteURL. com& quot; target=& quot; _blank& quot; & gt; Pay a visit to Website& lt; /a& gt; " > < img src=" images/imagethumb. jpg" alt=" insert alt text" title=" imagetitle" /> < /a> 

The rel=" lightboxgroupname" is used should you be linking images together in a very series. In some sort of portfolio setting, this is certainly typically the case making sure that visitors can just click the following and previous switches to cycle through your blog samples.

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