Can I enlarge an image on rollover?

Howdy everyone. I wonder if it is possible to combine two numerous processes into one I believe I’ve seen the item somewhere, but I have no clue how to help it become happen.

We have a table using four images inside it. Right now, employing JavaScript, I contain the images set so when rolled-over/hovered, they are swapped with another. Pretty simple. However the 2nd images (the people that appear upon hover) are actually larger than the 1st, yet they resize to suit into the space in the 1st images.

What I would like, ideally, is to hover in the 1st image and see the next image, larger. It really is " ok" how it really is right now however the 2nd image is often a person with his / her name, and when squished in to the proportions of the 1st image, it doesn’t look good. Yet I would prefer to not make the 1st images too significant.

Any thoughts on how to begin this I can locate results for enlarging images while using same image, or maybe swapping images, and not combining both.

Many thanks!

PS, the website where this can be needed is You are welcome to Insanity Pro Fumbling… it’s the desk of belts to the homepage.

To begin with, you really must scale those images, including the header, towards size of their particular container. Load occasion is unbelievably prolonged. For the rollover graphic, just make that height normal plus center the image over a black background. Challenging to explain, if you want more detail well then , i’ll know.

Get those images to size!

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