Can someone help me find a good layout for my website?

http: //kn3rdmeister. artfulme. net is practically my like my own personal hub, yet I can’t seem to find a sensible way to style it. That frontpage is good with me, I prefer it just good.

Nonetheless, on the different pages where MY SPOUSE AND I won’t have an image because the main content started looking a little bit boring to me… What do you suggest Internet

P. AZINES. really the About page is a only page this I’ve even going on past the house page, so dont end up being alarmed at any 404 errors.

It is possible to site supposed that they are about
Do you have a portfolio connected with other sites you might have done
If it’s only a site about " you", maybe you should stick with Facebook or myspace.

First off, Facebook can choose rot in Web Tartarus in this book
I want the item to eventually wind up in photography and video editing a little bit more (in that near future) so I’d like to have a web site ready to include content fed in to when that transpires. That’ll be that portfolio page. In the western world other websites, We have done a very few, but none of these compare to this one at all (not meaning these are bad, they’re just completely different, so nothing really is known for a rhyme to it).

I avoid FaceBook either…

However the point I appeared to be making is… an online site should be with regards to something, or function some purpose.

Not much else to state. I suppose you can customize your private WordPress theme and
opt for a photo sort gallery using WordPress Think about a WP site that highlights and
units your " wacky" Facebook vids

Yes, it’s mainly with regards to, sorry I got upset within the Facebook thing lol… I’m organization maybe having a couple horizontal rows to the portfolio page, and then have thumbnails for my latest three uploads of each one in their own row… Not positive. I’ll probably use plenty of jQuery and create a very interactive site.

Your blog is basically your website page. It can also set the theme or idea of the site or you can go in a completely different direction. Design; definitely minimalist. Idea: content driven which has a simplistic artful approach. Example; 9 or maybe 12 image grid about one page, several links; all, video and photo for any portfolio using a little javascript to tart it up. With regards to and contact page; use the content wrapper on your homepage, but add any custom scrollbar to create it look unique (if it needs one).

I prefer where you’re headed, sir.

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