can someone please help me finda distance ed graphic design diploma

This can be driving me loco! I have researched everything, digital advertising, web design, pictures, design I can’t sift through all this junk. Can anyone help me out

Just what " Distance ed grahic design diploma"

Just what discipline Most We’ve seen usually offer 3-4 different applications, but like a lot of degree programs they will all cover the same basics… And subsequently offer some specialized courses

Since graphics design on the whole is really this type of broad topic… You’ll need to do the research and uncover which ones deliver what " specialty"… Considering…

Also determined by where you are physically located, some colleges offer evening courses to supplement the online thing… ( if you’re located near just one )….

Fullsail. edu is one who I’ve seen ads for and have heard people talking about…

If you want a " certification"…. I understand they are our there… But coming from what I’ve viewed and experienced… That certification is fairly useless in by itself…

Full Sail is usually perfect it’s just so much money, 35 or 40 grand only an Associates degree is steep! However that event course thing may be beneficial… X D

You will discover hundreds of others, Perhaps your group college or technology school has some offerings.

One of my own local ones going offering online courses a couple of years ago, and I just found outthe different day, they are already offering online tutorials through 3 different other colleges at the same time…

Many small colleges that lack the financial methods to setup their own are " teaming up" by using larger colleges along with piggybacking… On their own system.

The benefit… Those tend to get cheaper… And they ( the small college ), offer complimentary classes at their campus in addition to he testing for your degree ( as it’s needed )…

Should you have taken ANY coursework previously, you may get credit as it.

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