can someone recommend new software to use on site built using Macromedia Dreamweaver2

My own new iMac won’t run the Macromedia Dreamweaver THREE, (runs on " Classic" OS9), I helpful to build my quite large site, world wide web. sonic. net/aquatint. We have tried Dreamweaver MX, but up to now it has myself baffled. (Though I productively built my site with the old software, I am no expert and suspect which i have been using non-standard solutions to make it work). Does anyone around have suggestions regarding what software POST should use for you to reconnect to our site My site is definitely pages, images, textual content and links, so I am in search of something pretty basic that is the easiest to employ.

Thank you,

Steve McMillan

Howdy Steve,

Your next greatest bet for something nearly Dreamweaver and for any Mac would end up being http: //www. w3. org/Amaya/

It is just a open-source WYSIWYG application, and it can its job nicely. Their are put in for Intel and also PowerPC Macs (as good as Windows, Linux, for example… )


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