Can you comment on my design so far?

I think you skipped a new word there. just what exactly did you necessarily mean

I designed to say " Are you wanting to see how I would render it in your idea" Got distracted soon after being instructed to get the garbage out there. LOL

Ah I see. Sure I’d love to

This is based on the original design concept but using my ideas from among my replies. The images are some comp images that i pulled from on the net. The massage photo is surely an actual comp image therefore it has those grid collections.

WE separated " Victoria’s" via " massage therapy" as " Victoria’s" for a single word sounds or appears additional striking and solid compared to entire original line that was too long btw.

The header area might be shorter but I possibly could not crop the actual image any smaller without losing the subject or the essence in the photo. I could not want to slice the woman’s face or any longer of the hands that appear with her back. The footer is usually a requirement to balance the page. Again the header (and footer) is vital especially if they appear during the entire entire site should put in the maximum amount of effort as you choose on those essential components.

Eyeball overcom me to it.

What he pulled out from the toolbox was loads of gradients and the usage of rounded corners. Combining both of those make Awesome exploring sites.

The only point I’d suggest is a nav bar looks just a little estranged(90’s) when compared to modern feel of the rest of the page.

That looks really good… I’ve a number of questions though. Find out how to get the spherical corners And just how did you layout the ‘victoria’s rub down therapy’ part It is really beautiful, I appreciate it. And the actual flower background is definitely pretty sweet.
Makes me sad ways to out-design me and so fast lol.
Thanks for the help you folks, much appreciated.

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