Can’t get CSS or JS to upload in my site

While i upload files to help my domain, merely the images along with simple text appear and nothing different, no header, backgrounds, colors, nothing, simply just white page along with images. I get tried with FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL, front page, and my hosting accounts file loader without any success. I have experimented with different combinations of file loading like CSS first, JS second in addition to vise versa using the same result. I’ve been working on this for two days and is particularly beginning to get me nuts! I’ve come so far in the learning process to construct a website then to be quit dead in this tracks by this. Help!

FTP is all you must need to distribute them. So while you are done sending all of them up through FTP, are they noticeable as on ther machine, when viewing the actual file structure on the files

Depending on the hosting provider ( it could be a permission thing ), you should consult whomever is furnishing your hosting space and determine if there are restriction.

I’ve heard with some free web hosting service sites limiting the application of js but not really CSS

As part of your main page (index. html, or whatever that page is called), you might be referencing
these CSS and. js files inside top part (meta tag) place. What is the trail you are
specifying for all those files

Example of exactly what those lines appear like:
< link href=" style. css" rel=" stylesheet" type=" text/css" media=" all" />

Ensure you are specifying the proper location for this. css file… and also,
show us a connect to your site, so we are able to see it… that might be enjoying a to do.


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