Car Site Forms?

How in the world do car websites create the " find the car" " change made from live" forms/interactive images showing you what colour your car might be

Merely a curious thought.

I am just a newbie.


It’s probably only switching between pics with the same car.

in many instances (larger car companies), there’re probably using pre-rendered 3d cars.

That sounds pretty simple to undertake in theory… I assume that anyone can do it having just HTML plus CSS and just make along with picker the chek out the new picture within the same page

Guaranteed, that could benefit a very uncomplicated color picker. More complex ones provide you with a 360 level view.

Sure, I wouldn’t sometimes know where to start with on creating a new 360 degree online image. It blows the mind how complex considerations are but on the user end we take a whole lot for granted in addition to think nothing of it.

some of them are done within flash… making the 360 view possible with the 3D making being called to the flash in sections and based on where the slider will be.. showing a particular section..

with flash being on the way out… I’m sure there are many other ways of doing it… solidworks is an extremely pricey and effective 3D design software that can output their A 3D MODEL drawings for world wide web use, but an individual is required to load a viewer plugin to discover the files…

I’m sure there are many ways of doing work… just never been asked to accomplish anything like this particular so really haven’t spent lots of time researching it.

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