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Hey all i know this is probably been asked some sort of million times yet ive searched and searched research everything ive discovered nothing seems to operate so ive ended up here for intelligence. Ive recently been asked like a favour to my mum for around of her friends to undertake a few basic alterations thus to their website one of many main on the actual list being in order to center the web site. Now ive tried everything from center tags for you to div align in addition to nothing seems to be effective the sites these www. acembroidery. com any help can be appreciated thankyou.

i recently posted this at another thread

http: //www. webdesignforums. net/showthread. phpp=241054#post241054

Add this in your div under your body tag so it looks like this…

< div style=" perimeter: 0pt auto; position: relative; width: 750px; " >

The coding is really bad, must often be MS Word or something

aeroweb99 tryed what exactly ya said sorry to say no cigar and also im pretty positive im implementing this correctly

Simply the styles, will not add another div, just put those styles rather than the other styles inside the div after one’s body. I just attempted it again and it works, in Firefox anyway. You have just about all absolute positioned divs as a result, to center the actual page, they ought to be wrapped in the position: distant relative; container or it will never work.

EDIT> > > You have got to do it for the other pages too.

< div style=’position: utter; width: 7. -71in; elevation: 9. 0992in’>

< div style=’position: distant relative; width: 750px; perimeter: 0px auto 0px automobile; ‘>

aero i may perhaps be rong but post thought width needed to be declared before car margins

I don’t think so, but on the other hand, I never dreamed about it.

< div style=" perimeter: 0 auto; position: relative; width: 750px; " > 

This code worked with luck in Firebug.

sorry to insect ya aeroweb nonetheless i still cant apparently nail it, if possible would you be capable to post a text file with the altered code so i’ll see for personally.

Ok, right after our bodies tag the good news is div. All I did was change the styles in this div. Here may be a snippet I copied and pasted here(see below). I did this using firebug, have you been familiar with Firebug I do not know how it may in IE, but it should work likewise.

I need you to create the changes, upload it, then I want to see it live with all your changes.

< physique link=" purple" vlink=" navy" style=" perimeter: 0pt; " >
< div style=" COLOR=Redmargin: 0pt crash; position: relative; bigger: 750px/COLOR; " >
<! --if gte vml 1> < v: rect id=" _x0000_s1060" alt=" " style='position: utter;
left: 4. 16pt; major: 2. 44pt; bigger: 563. 12pt; elevation: 136. 8pt; z-index: 5 VARIOUS; visibility: visible;
mso-wrap-edited: f; mso-wrap-distance-left: 3. 88pt; mso-wrap-distance-top: 3. 88pt;
mso-wrap-distance-right: 3. 88pt; mso-wrap-distance-bottom: 3. 88pt' fillcolor=" #306 1"
stroked=" f" strokecolor=" charcoal 0" strokeweight=" 0" to: cliptowrap=" t" >
< v: load color2=" white 7" rotate=" t" focus=" 100%" type=" gradient" />
< v: stroke> 

The code in which Aero provided is being employed by me using firebug within firefox. This may be a screenshot of the HTML i always altered. The line which i altered is insisted on.

Oh yep, screenshot, why didn’t I do think of that

I know your emotions.
Here’s what I use for every site. Put this code within the body section of the style sheet:
margin-right: crash;
margin-left: crash;
It is a proven method which always works in addition to works perfectly in all sorts of screen solution. Im gonna appear to be one of your own past school course instructors by saying:

Expectation this helps

Sorry manner, that is not gonna work. Perimeter: 0 auto; for your containing div.

aero, it may. but i imagine that was the practice when nobody knew how to make full page sites and wer stuck with that tacky column in the biggest market of the page. so if you can not expect your web page to adjust to the browser i guess it could actually work, but would certainly also be awful advice and awful practice.

Avoid your right, I for this guys problem. Where is he or she anyways

Im finally back sorry dudes ive been offline for two days as my partner and i havent had access to the net, anyways aero post cant say my business is familiar with firebug nonetheless heres a screenie when using the altered code with notepad

Dammmm! I can’t believe it’s not working in IE. Is always that IE7 Sorry man, I can’t experiment for IE considering the code you get, which looks for a Microsoft type connected with coding, and seems like Greek to me personally. What was your website built with

Although… it is as a minimum wrapped in a div throughout so there ought to be a way to be able to center this dang factor. You have just about all position absolutes indoors that wrapper, so the wrapper desires position relative. I’d personally say play all around with that wrapper, that’s gotta be began seeing.

In relation to Firebug. The finest thing ever developed by man! If you receive the Firefox browser you will get an add-on referred to as firebug. It let’s a person alter the signal and see the results as you get it done, all in the actual browser itself. That’s what I did with your website, altered that one div and it fixed your problem, but not regarding IE, which really blows.

Let me try and fill that code towards Dreamweaver (it probably will spit it out) and see what are the results. This will stick from the back of my mind plainly don’t! Let us know should you solve it.

Okay, for whatever rationale, IE wants the percentage instead! This gets us within the ballpark with the two browsers.

< div style=" perimeter: 0pt 10%; position: relative; " > 

Don’t decide to put a width with there, it didn’t apparently matter if it was before there or not. Normally your width wou

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