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Today I officialy turned certified in WEB CODING 4. 0, XHTML A SINGLE. 0, and CSS at w3schools. I found the test easier than precisely what I thought and heard it would. I am conscious of what some people consider w3schools, being previous material, however most material for the exam, I identified, wasen’t in any in their tutorials. (Luckily I had gone through a number of sites).

Hence now, being authorized in XHTML and CSS, what language a few pointer move onto I got thinking of undertaking some JavaScript, but not sure yet. PHP is actually a pretty powerful language, but not really much for web design as it is for world wide web development. So, with however, what language a few pointer do next

My own certification page

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Now you will need to market yourself for the world.


I’m not exactly sure that of a w3schools certification might be priced at, but I’m convinced it can’t harmed!

For your next language, get over it to whatever you sense strongest in…

Thanks with the responces

In the meantime, I feel rather comfortable with moving approximately Javascript, to make my website pages more user interactive and alive. As I know XHTML, and CSS, Javascript is very much what i’ll be needing by far the most. Still open for recommendations, however.

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I do think you should concentrate more on learning and less in getting certified.

WHEN I agree, sometimes I may get caught through to actually documenting this knowledge, rather in comparison with maintaining and improving upon it.

Beloved Jfab,
Congrats which you have been accredited especially in XHTML in addition to Css. I want to clear you a very important factor
There are actually two things
A SINGLE. Client Side Scripting (html, css, javascripting, Jquery)
3. Server Side scripting (Asp. net sale, php, Ruby)
For me the subsequent language you can certainly learn is php may be a server side scripting and hand and hand you can very easily do javascripting.

Now i’m a Microsoft Certified Professional!

I took an exam totally free on how to help troubleshoot Windows plus IE. But I acquired a spiffy pin number and everything. Certification is nice on a resume but it does not really say much in comparison to experience.

I’d personally definitely do a server-side language upcoming, although you’ll locate you’ll start accomplishing Javascript at almost the same time frame.

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